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Hey, Thanks for Asking…

So…not to bore you, but I’m sure you’re anxious to learn how I’m doing, what with that ugly New York city sidewalk pothole trip – really, trip – to be followed, before I even retired the crutches, by a relentless attack of bronchial something or another, which dotes on me, mystifies all docs, and ruins my otherwise warm, sunny and patient nature.

Hey, thanks for asking!

I’m so grateful for your interest, so many of you care, so appreciated. You’ve tried so hard to make me feel better about it all. I mean, who wouldn’t feel better, when one knows that as much as my pathetic sprained and broken ankle hurts, it’s just nothing compared to that cousin of yours who not only broke her ankle, but her knee as well. Now, that’s really awful. Or my second-or-third best friend’s other friend who broke her wrist and her arm – imagine how long it took her to heal. You couldn’t be warmer or more sympathetic, seeing how you, yourselves, once had to manage on crutches, and how expertly you ultimately managed your mobility…wow, you could give lessons.

“What,” you asked, “did you say happened?”

Indeed, you have been genuinely caring about this now months’ long bronchial attack. You’ve heard of every spray and pill I’ve tried. Given how often you, yourselves have been there, I should’ve asked you first!

Well, this is the season, thanks for reminding me, you and everyone you know has been through a bout. And even if it’s not you, you have to take up the work slack for your officemates who – just like me – are coughing, wheezing and croaking all day long. Even what’s ‘er name who won’t even get “real” medicine but goes wholly homeopathic: “Highland #5” for her sore throat, nose spray, a warm water and salt gargle, powdered vitamin C, and endless pots of hot tea. Clearly, she offers, a far superior blend. Yet, I sense she really doesn’t want to tell me that…despite feeling far more virtuous than I – who by now relies only on cough drops and conventional meds, we’re neck-in-neck in the bronchial hang-on.

What’s possibly good, is that I’ve provided you with a heartfelt response to your other friends who’ve done simply awful things to themselves, like stub a toe, develop a hangnail, need a tooth filled…Of course you must express genuine sympathy.

Just think how much better they’ll feel when you tell them all about me!


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