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“Screw it, just do it!”

We could take lessons from Richard Branson, the Virgin Atlantic entrepreneur.  This has been, he says, his philosophy for just moving ahead, undeterred by the usually myriad questions that accompany – and often slow down – one’s plan, one’s dream, i.e.: do you have time, funding, talent, etc.?

Well, I’m very inspired by Mr. Branson, even though he can well afford to fail – as many of us cannot.

I’ve been in “failed” mode for the past several months, as week-by-week I’ve written numerous brilliant – deliciously vicious – diatribes about the deluge of formerly admired or respected men who have turned out to be abusers, beginning, of course, with President Trump (who, states one wag, “Is no Weinstein.” Debatable.)

The problem’s been – too many writers have beaten me to the punch. Would that the Presidio Sentinel go daily! Who can keep up?

So, in this new year, I hereby resolve to bag discussions of sexual predators. Save our Trump, who infuriates, yet inspires me even more than the other men-are-pigs crowd, and, as a true American patriot, about whom I’m actually obliged to write.

Maybe it’s his age. He is the oldest president we’ve ever experienced. Research has shown that “mental agility, executive function, and creativity” all decline with age, defined as 70-plus.

I’m absolutely resolved to help save our country.

And, I offer my help to the big guys. Consider: Ross Douthat, columnist for the New York Times, “ … he (Trump) is clearly impaired, gravely deficient somewhere at the intersection of reason and judgment and conscience and self control!”

Sigh. Could I say it better?   Or, the ongoing rants and raves of Charles Blow, even if he takes a detour now and then. He continues to win the prize for his appalling descriptions of the President: i.e. “venal,” and “vulgar.” Sigh.

The man’s been through the alphabet. Even Billy Bush had to jump in, correctly accusing the President of “Engaging in some revisionist history,” and disproving Trump’s denial of his lewd “grabbing pussy” comments that by now we all know – but wish we didn’t know – by heart.  Even our humorists – Joel Stein, Gail Collins, are having a hard time being funny.

Yet I’m resolved to resist ranting on about President Trump, and consider the numerous issues that also boggle my mind: exactly what is “bitcoin?”   (A “cryptocurrency?” – yes, thanks.)

What are “SMBs?” What is “them.” (A full-page ad reads, “Them. Are You One of Us? Join the Movement.” C’mon. We’re busy people). And, why do we have a deluge of new books determined to teach us good manners?

(Oh! Those must be Trump-inspired, too. I won’t spend time on research. )

Supposedly, Lyft and Edibles for Pets, are among a short list of businesses supposedly expecting a good year. I don’t think Trump has anything to do with them.   I’m guessing they work hard, but then, like Branson has proven can work, maybe they “Just do it!”

Of course, given our complex lives, we can’t all embrace the Branson philosophy, especially the president.  Yet, I fear that as President Trump continues to degrade the office, “Screw it. Just do it!” might, terrifyingly, be his formula, too.



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