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| January 7, 2019 | 1 Comment

We Get By…With a Little Help

Could there be a better or more inspiring report than learning about Steven Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation, and his yeoman efforts to address, combat and eliminate our rising anti-semitism, anti-black, anti-LGBTQ drives, newly motivated by “anything” permissibly spawned without consequence on social media?

Fortunately for, I hope, most of us who work and wish for peaceful and loving societies, Steven Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation takes on the enormous and expensive task of working to make ours, such a world.

Still, don’t go holding your breath.

It doesn’t take much to look around our own kin and communities to see problems that need addressing, breakages that need fixing. You needn’t go pulling back on your own efforts, just because you’re not as well-supported or well- funded as Steven Spielberg.

As we already know, we are not going to be inspired by our, gulp, president. Only as I write this, today’s lead news story is about how he has streamed money from his “charity,” taking donations and funding for his own for the benefit of himself and his family. All, of whom, of course, have been complicit in this scheme.

While social media has given us amazing new ways of communication, it has also enabled us to act rashly, and weakened our ability to treat one another thoughtfully.

How many “apologies” and resignations have we had from prominent leaders who just need to … take a deep breath before acting? Even if Kevin S. Parker, a New York democrat, is noted to be a “colorful,” guy, telling a colleague on Twitter to “Kill Yourself,” over a minor spat, became, for him, more like, umm, Technicolor.

Our world needs every one of us. And, considering the deplorable state of our planet, our New Year’s resolutions should include whatever you see to do, whatever you can do, afford to do, to fight hate, offer a hand to the homeless, send that nickel in the envelope back to the charity, make that extra check-in phone call (OK, or email), and fantasize how we wish we could all be Steven Spielberg, so we can do so much more.


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