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| February 2, 2019 | 0 Comments

Love on Wry – Me, Myself, I

If I’m not thinking about my disastrous hair thinning and white under Clairol care, my deplorable feet consumes my mind. Every shoe on earth is too tight a bind.

I follow these critical issues with deeper thoughts: My writing; my music; my urgent need to hike and swim; my drive to leave half of any meal for another day.

Though I recognize the minimal contribution made to the environment by removing staples,?for recycling papers or creatively?avoiding waste in all matters, I’m compelled to non-stop action!

Am I still a player; fret I?? Have I any power??Do I get the appreciation I deserve From my ungrateful children, indifferent friends?

Lest you despair – don’t! I think of you as well. Worry about you? I do; that you don’t love me nearly enough.


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