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“The Trumpiness of Trump”

We definitely have to conjure up new ways of cheering ourselves up. Or expressing our anger. Or fear – you know, in this era of … Trump.  Other grumbly societies have been far more creative – and to the point – than have we.  In Greece, for instance, one can throw yogurt at a disputant; in Australia, an especially difficult person can get egged.   It might make the news, but hurt? Nah, nobody gets “hurt.”  Insulted, yes, but that, of course, is the point. Here, while our media, our columnists, may rave and rant, it hasn’t seemed to brake the backward, bone-headed, brutal ego centrist that defines our leader, and hurts our country; a “leader” that, unrelentingly, inspires division, promotes dissention among us: “Our radical Democratic opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our county as we know it.” Ahh, typical Trump.  Very un- helpful, Not inspiring. Nor Unifying.

”Degradation of the language is one of Trump’s most grievous sins.” Well, so says columnist/commentator Charles M. Blow, and that was the nicest thing he ever said about his president.

But, people are complicated. 

So in the interest of fairness, I offer you a few, hard-won, semi-positives:   

Well, fairness:  If President Trump likes or loves ya’,  lush praise follows: i.e.: we now know what a great guy is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. 

Unless a gale-like wind comes along, President Trump’s creative blondish hairdo is impeccably coiffed.

He’s a smart dresser, even if, now and then, his tie is too long.  It shouldn’t flap in the breeze, y’know.

For love, power or inheritance, President Trump appears to be admired by his children, his family. Since he’s been deemed an ardent lover of self, this may be an obvious extension of same.  But should we should take love, wherever we can find it?

Although he has a difficult time expressing it, he really, really loves and cares about other people’s children and families, His problem is their citizenship. Nothing personal.

He has an admirable tolerance and affection for problematic world leaders. and seeks to imitate their strength and impact.

An extremely impassioned speaker, his presentations need little preparation, per research or fact checking.

Oh!  Now I’m getting sarcastic.  That’s what happens to all of us.  That’s how John Heilemann, the NBC journalist and news analyst, recently sighed and gave up on trying to describe our fearless leader’s latest rhetoric, lies, evasions, accusation – and deemed it all, “ … the Trumpiness of Trump!”


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