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Sensitive Techniques for a Balanced Life

“It’s all about balance,” said movie mogul George Lucas, who juggled raising two children as a single father, his movies and Skywalker Ranch (the mini-city of which he is not merely mayor, but king). He can probably afford to buy all the balance he wants.

Bill Gates says, just use digital systems.

I, for one, recognize the universality of these problems, if not their solutions. Personally, I regularly violate my most important mantra for balancing my life, which is, “Be more mindful.” That is, be more thoughtful about whatever I’m doing. It’s not exactly a unique problem. Recently, as I lamented about my failures, my most mindful friend lamented that she only remembered on a Friday night that her passport was in the bank deposit box, and that she was leaving for Europe before dawn on Monday. She had to change her entire itinerary to leave a day later in order to retrieve her passport.

Unmindful to the max

What is our problem? Less time than ever to think about anything, never mind implementing self-improvement plans. We’re on fast track at home and at work. Voice-mails and “communication” technologies enable us to avoid time-eating personal connection. We try to beat the clock, beat the train. We’re bombarded by new issues and information – often useless, but diverting – which we are nevertheless compelled to consider.

Tho’ not an expert, I offer brief but workable solutions. Most came to me as I – with a Life as complicated as yours – realized that they constituted what I call my “balancing act.” Until now, they’ve been locked deep in my unconscious, where you may wish they had stayed, but I’m betting…not.

Technique to Increase Self-Confidence and Boost Self Image

Realize that you already know nearly every item of self-help advice ever offered. For instance, it’s hard to believe how many times, “set realistic goals” shows up. Is that that a no-brainer, or what? We seriously intend to lose 50 pounds by January? We expect to be on Mars by Christmas? Not reading any advice column other than this ne will save you a great deal of time.

Ten-Second Technique to Energize, Improve Your Appearance

Stand Up Straight.

Now, before you complain that this advice is too simplistic, try it. When it works (which it will), sit up straight, too.

Short Technique to Freshen, Activate, Your Brain and Body

Take a walk of any length in any weather, every day. (If you need additional motivation, get a dog.)

Sure-Fire Technique to Acquire Perspective and Slow the Perception of Time Flying By

Get to know a child, younger than five.

Two No-Fail Techniques to Stimulate Your Intellect

Attend a cultural event (concert, art or museum exhibit) every month, and/or read one travel story every week.

Technique to Avoid Raging Cynicism

Everybody has their troubles, and you rarely know what they are. Give everyone a break; cut ‘em some slack.

Not Too Bad Technique to Improve Overall Happiness

Eat a little fat in every meal.

Now, this excellent advice probably has a sound, scientific foundation, but I don’t know what it is, and I don’t have time to find out. Obviously, if you are obese, you must take that into consideration, and you don’t really have to “check with your physician first,” before you embark on a diet or exercise regime. Just use your head.

Daily Techniques for Increased State of General Calm

Check your calendar early to see what’s coming up instead of what you missed.

Dine only with people you like. This is particularly important in business, since these meals can be in and of themselves harrowing. If to that you add the discomfort of not liking your companions, you seriously increase your chances of extended agitation, to say nothing of indigestion.

If in you further socialize with those you don’t like, well, that’s “commotion,” and you should evaluate your whole life, which, far from being time- sensitive, is extremely time-consuming.

Technique for Feeling That You Matter

Do something. Respond to social problems with action. Tutor an illiterate person, visit a shut-in, mentor a kid. If these still take too much time, write a check.

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