Woodland Style Baby Shower

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by Stylishly Aubree Lynn, Stylist, Producer and Writer

I have never been a huge fan of baby showers and I’ve never really liked any of the games played. I really never understood for myself how I would feel being pregnant and opening up gifts for my child who had not yet arrived into the world. However, this baby shower was definitely a new experience for me. My husband wanted to be involved as this is both our first kid and the first grandchild on both sides.

Due to this change in shower planning and modernization, I became more at ease and thrilled to think that this would be a couples’ shower involving friends and family to celebrate the arrival of Emery James.

One of the planning elements that got me excited was determining the theme of the party, which ended up being woodland with a twist. Originally there was some uncertainty about where the party would be held. Fortunately, my grandparents’ community hall was chosen for the venue. The setting provided a wood cabin feeling which included a fireplace and huge ceiling to floor windows that opened a view to mountains. It was truly the perfect venue for our shower.

While we were deciding the theme, my friend and designer, Oseas Villatoro, designed my dress. It started out one way and ended up a completely different look and fit the theme beautifully. He truly is a master at his craft. With absolutely no fittings, and going back-and-forth through text messages, he finished the garment in less than a week and had it delivered to me for the day of my shower. We ended up going with a suede material with one very long sleeve that wrapped around as a back cape with lace adorning the trim and my collar. The design had a mountain-themed look that had the right amount of femininity and strength. Everyone loved the dress.

From the games to the details, the desserts and the décor, the whole room came so alive with exactly what we had envisioned. There were mason jars with tree branches, and little stubs of wood that looked like confetti on each table. Gifts for our guests included coffee grounded body scrubs for the ladies and succulent potted plants for the men. There was so much attention to detail, including games to keep the men entertained. There was a drawing that invited our guests to decide Emery’s due date. The pot grew to $60. Whoever wins the date of his birth will receive the cash. Surprisingly, the men even participated in the gift registry bingo and a male won one of the rounds.

This experience is assurance ladies that there are ways to make the men in your lives want to come to something as “girly” as a baby shower. I am happy to say, everyone had a good time and felt they contributed to something special.

Now it’s my turn to recognize the individuals who provided their time and talents to the celebration. I want to give a special thank you to Oseas for designing such a unique and stylish dress for me to wear. My gratitude is extended to Kristen Wisler for coordinating the shower with impeccable attention to detail; to my grandparents for helping set-up, tear-down and providing the perfect venue; to Theresa Brunston for making such a beautiful dessert table, from the cake to the cupcakes, it was absolutely adorable with a taste of perfection.

Aubree Lynn showing her baby bump in a dress by Oseas Villatoro.

Aubree Lynn showing her baby bump in a dress by Oseas Villatoro.

As I continue to beam with appreciation for all who contributed to the celebration, I extend thanks to our family, who traveled from out of town, and our parents, for their consistent support and involvement in all events of our life. We love you!

If you’re interested in seeing photos from the shower, visit tinalynnstout@weebly.com/.


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