Yale Strom Performs “Detroit”

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This past month, The Art of Elan concert series, hosted by Mingei Museum in Balboa Park, premiered the new work of Yale Strom, titled “Detroit,” which includes the same extensive approach he displays in all his work.  It revealed the groups of people who have had a strong influence on the local Detroit culture and to Yale as well. The one-hour performance included Grammy-nominated Sara Caswell and the Hausmann Quartet. 

Yale Strom is a pioneer among revivalists in conducting extensive field research in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans among the Jewish and Roma communities.

When asked what motivates him as an artist to explore other music venues, he offered, “Each venue has its own unique aesthetics. First there is the acoustics of the venue, and how the venue is decorated. Also, different venues attract different audiences, which exposes my music to audiences I might not generally encounter.”

Being an experienced artist has allowed Yale to delve into different music styles.  The process is as important according to Yale, “First and foremost an experienced musician needs to have great ears and be able to hear and understand the melody, harmony and rhythm of a particular piece. Having experience with different genres of music and musicians prepares one to expect the unexpected in any given moment while performing on stage. Being nervous is okay but not being prepared will be disastrous.”

The history of music means a lot to Yale.  He explained how this helps him to be a better musician and artist, “Knowing the history of the genre of music one plays to me is an imperative. A musician is just not reading black notes on a page or playing a melody by heart but is referencing a time, place, and a people whose music this is. Musicians are not empty vessels. Any music from any culture is informing the listener about the history of this culture. When one studies this culture then you have a better understanding of why the music may sound a certain way and if there are lyrics what the lyrics are saying on a deeper level that what is written on the page.”

Yale also offered that his maturity as an artist comes from having the opportunity to play with so many different great musicians all over the world. Music not English, according to Yale, is the “lingua franca” of the world and says he is lucky that he can speak it fluently.

Yale Strom (third from left) is shown with members of the Hausmann Quartet and Sara Caswell (third from right).

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