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It has been a busy month of community challenges and opportunities. Hillcrest residents and business owners are dealing with SANDAG’s proposal to eliminate parking spaces (upward of 100) for more bike paths. Mission Hills residents and visitors are fighting to keep MTS from eliminating the 83-bus route. Concerned residents of Mission Hills and Old Town are being creative and proactive about protecting and improving the Presidio Hills Golf Course that has significant historical and recreational benefits. These are just some of the events of the past month that for those of us who have been participating in the process know that our voices matter and we need to use them wisely.

Everyday I get to observe a lot of civic and political activity occurring in our communities, city, state and country. Being the executive editor of a community publication comes with responsibility. It requires accepting information, analyzing the facts (and fiction) and providing the mechanism (this newspaper) to share news with our readers.

I take this role very seriously and know that the decisions I make to promote and publicize “your concerns” will require my commitment in some form or another. It means, I may need to take a stand as well as be prepared to ask the tough questions.

We’re a part of an urban community that is in the midst of major change. Therefore, as residents and business owners we have a lot to digest. The city and county needs our input and involvement. We must be proactive to make sure the decisions that are made by our elected officials and governmental organizations lead to wise and well thought out results. Which means we should begin with the right attitude.

As Deepak Chopra said, “The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.”

I value his message and know that the people who I have observed who have created great results have also done it for the “good of all.” That’s why I propose initiating a campaign or action by asking, “What impact and/or benefits does this have on my community?” Then asking, “How can I be my best to contribute wisely to this cause?”

It takes effort to create great results. I applaud all of you who are doing your part to contribute to all of these important issues and for making your voices matter.

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