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On a monthly basis I receive a lot of press releases on up and coming and established singers, musicians and songwriters. It’s a true blessing to get to experience all the talent that exists in our world. However, with as many artists I am introduced to, few touch me as this local songwriter, singer and musician. Her name is Taylor Carpenter and she has made music her messenger. Despite a life of physical challenges and disappointments, Carpenter keeps on going. She is an inspiration.

Taylor Carptenter’s video was filmed at various locations, including location shots in downtown San Diego. She recalls it as being an experience of a lifetime.

Taylor Carptenter’s video was filmed at various locations, including location shots in downtown San Diego. She recalls it as being an experience of a lifetime.


Carpenter was born in San Diego in 1993. Before, and at her birth there was no way to diagnose her with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or in other words, “brittle bones,” a condition where the bones are very fragile. The children affected with this disorder have multiple fractures, usually due to very little trauma that is often not even documented. When Carpenter was born, her family had to carry her around on a big pillow. Throughout constant and continuous medical visits and surgeries, she remembers very early in life, sitting hand in hand with her mom singing special songs as they endured the pain of injections and invasive procedures. Carpenter’s mom is a Christian singer and encouraged her daughter to sing as a means to deal with the pain that she experienced on a daily basis.

Unfortunately Carpenter’s journey with disappointments continued. She survived a car accident in 6th grade that left her with a broken pelvis, both hips broken, and a broken wrist. Carpenter, in a body cast (which she was used to after 13 surgeries) recalls time in her room scolding God for allowing her to be in pain, asking why He could not have made life easier.

Slowly, Carpenter realized it was a test. A patient, loving youth pastor visiting her in the hospital reminded her that her life was a gift. Now Carpenter sees every struggle and broken bone as a way to praise God because it could be so much worse.

During her freshman year, Carpenter learned simple chords from her worship pastor at youth group. She forced herself to practice regularly, always improving her gift of song. One rainy afternoon, a substitute teacher allowed the class to write quietly. Taylor gazed out at the storm outside and wrote “Washed Away.”

Taylor’s type of OI is the most severe, for those who are fortunate enough to live through birth. Some doctors said she would probably not live through her first birthday. They were wrong.

Carpenter brings smiles to everyone she encounters. Her stamina and determination continually encourages everyone who knows her, while reminding us all how small our problems are in comparison to hers.

Carpenter turns to her religion and God to help guide her through life and give her the strength to carry on. She believes that God has gifted her with music so that she can bring good into the world and inspire others who are also struggling with their own physical and mental challenges, however, small or large they may be.

“Washed Away” is music of faith, belief and inspiration. It is a song that can fill your life with hope that there are solutions to any and every problem that comes our way. I encourage you to listen to her music at And, if you’re inspired, as I have been, purchase her CD.

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