Swedish Singer and Songwriter at Tin Can Ale House Dec. 5

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Celebrated Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik is performing live in San Diego at the Tin Can Ale House, 1863 5th Avenue at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Dec 5 in a show that will feature songs from her fifth album “The Owls Are Not What They Seem,” released this past January. Talvik is a well-established artist in Sweden and has played at several festivals in the US, including The Lollapalooza and SXSW.

In December 2011 she started out a two-year long tour throughout America and has since played a number of official showcases at The Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis, TN, eight smashing concerts at SXSW in Austin, TX, and in total over 200 gigs since the tour started 10 months ago.

Talvik was born on an island just off the west coast of Sweden. At the tender age of eighteen she left behind the comfort of home for the bright lights and lonely nights of Stockholm where every experience, good and bad, would soon take the form of a beautiful, funny or heartbreaking story destined to capture the hearts and minds of all who would hear the words when set to Sofia’s gentle, melodic acoustic guitar and minimalist back up of cellos, double bass and soft percussion.

Talvik’s debut album, Blue Moon, was released in 2005 to much critical acclaim followed by Street of Dreams in 2007 which features a duet with indie pop icon Bernard Butler from British band Suede, released on her then newly formed record label Makaki Music. Continuing a steady pace of releasing albums Talvik released her album Jonestown, named after the tragic 1978 event in Jonestown, Guyana, 2008, and was the first Swedish female artist to play the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, that same year.

US indie distributer CD Baby wrote “It’s not often that an album takes your breath away, and I hate to sound hyperbolic, but Florida actually has several Oh my god! moments of sheer beauty.”

Talvik, who toured the US several times from her first success at the Lollapalooza festival in 2008 has been invited to officially showcase at SXSW three years running, as well as to The Folk Alliance International Conference in 2012. She is now on a two year tour of the US. She’s been noted in media all over the country for her impeccable live performances and captivating stage presence.

Talvik is not only a great songwriter and performer; she’s also an accomplished producer and a whiz when it comes to social media. She believes in keeping her friends close and her fans even closer which she pursues through a strong online presence. On her recent tour, fans have been able to follow her journey through Facebook as well as on her own YouTube show, “Drivin’ & Dreaming” which was released in 10 episodes and covered the tour from North Carolina all the way to Illinois.

Sofia Talvik photo courtesy of Kirk Stauffer.

Talvik combines modal chord changes and beautiful airy production with the gentle singing of a 70’s folk songstress. Her music will make you think of Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Belle & Sebastian and Aimee Mann. Her tour is called “Drivin’ & Dreaming” as she’s touring in an old RV that she bought in Florida and which will be her home for the tour. Unlike her previous US tours this tour is all about playing her way through the US, visiting small towns as well as big towns.

“No town is too small as long as there are people there who want to hear my music” Talvik says. “A lot of European artists only play in the big cities when they come to the US because that’s what looks cool on their tour history but I’m all about the grass roots approach and about meeting the real people of America.”

Tickets for the Tin Can Ale House show are a mere $5, and you’ll want to arrive a bit early as this will likely be a sellout show. For sound samples, a YouTube search of her name will be up a number of her stellar songs. Give her a listen, and I’m sure you’ll want to catch this show.

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