Artful Loving

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by Concetta Antico

We all know that true love makes us do crazy things, abandoning all reason. But does it conjure creativity? It does! In truth, love and creativity are intimately connected.

The latest research supports that the wonderful emotion called “romantic love” does make us forget all logic, scramble our reason, lose all analytical action by sending our thoughts to the stars and back. As George once professed to Mary, true love will make you want to lasso the moon and pull it down for the one you love. If that’s not creative crazy talk then I’m on Mars, and not Venus. Ah, it truly is a wonderful life when we are in love.

Those future wishing, global thinking, happily-ever-after lovers already know that Cupid strikes again this February 14 when the emotions of lovers around the world are infected by a direct shot from Cupid’s arrow. Being “in love” powers the ultimate Muse in us all as we seek the special, surprise with the unexpected and spoil with ultimate imaginings. Yes, it truly seems that Cupid and The Muse are in-cahoots, best bedfellows when it comes to love and the many ways of expressing it. They are clearly motivating mere love-struck mortals to perform the immortal and make the monumental.

A brief look at the history of humanity punctuates that romantic love has inspired countless works of sublime artistic creativity.

Nothing seems impossible when motivated by the heart. So this Valentine’s Day what will be your manifestation? Will you fly high to write it in the sky, or pen it on scented paper? Will you say I do at sunset as you sail off into Shangri-la? Will you propose it with petals strewn or long stemmed ? Or paint it heARTfully in a picture? Will you plant a garden to delight, or perhaps prepare a dinner by candlelight? Whatever divine dreams you are having it is certain that those who have been bitten by the love bug are destined to display them on this day.

Okay, I hear you seasoned lovers too. It is true. Brand new romantic love does have the fan-dangled edge! Seek the spark of love’s divine inspiration still smoldering in your heart. Kindle it with fond memories. Then you and your long-time lover can find warmth in the glow of love and your once chilly nights will become a cuddlefest. Start by polishing up your passion, whitewashing your hopes, dreams and wishes, massaging your romantic mindset and cleaning out the cobwebs in your creativity. It’s time to set the stage for a year of artful loving and living. If thought creates then surely loving thoughts can make magic moments and move the mountains blocking your intimacy.

You will know that clearly a more original, thoughtful, diverse yet personal “gift” is what will express the uniqueness of your union and the depth of your feelings. A picnic in paradise, a vacation together to wonderland, a song sung blue or poetry read, a cleaned and happy house or a long walk to nowhere in particular, but holding hands… Whatever Cupid’s creativity calls to mind, live it and love it as if it were your first kiss.

Now, if your once-upon-a-time true love has not found you yet, don’t fret. Remember real love comes in many guises, but STILL inspires! Whether best friend, brother, mother, child, teacher, or pet iguana or Chihuahua, rejoice in the fun you can have when you fete and flatter, spoil and surprise them.

In truth, true love is made by The Muse and Cupid masquerading as your beautiful mind and heart. United they make miracles everyday in the name of it. Make your miracle today, then strive to make it last forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Concetta Antico-Pizzinat is wife, mother, artist, teacher and Muse and lives in Mission Hills. Her work can be seen at and Her gallery is located at 1920 Fort Stockton Dr. Ste A, Mission Hills, SD, 92103. She welcomes your comments and questions at

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