Ambrogio15 Imports Executive Chef Daniele Piazza from Italy

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Chef Daniele Piazza’s most recent role was head pizza chef at the historic Trattoria Ballotta, founded in 1605 more than 400 years ago.

Ambrogio15, the modern and authentically Milan-style pizzeria with a flagship location in North Pacific Beach and a second location soon to open in the Little Italy Food Hall, has hired new Executive Chef and “dough master” Daniele Piazza from Italy to oversee the restaurant’s dough production and future recipes. Chef Daniele becomes Ambrogio15’s first official executive chef since its opening in Summer 2016 and steps into the role as the face of the creative kitchen where he will play a lead part in the restaurant’s planned expansion, both in terms of new recipes inspired by Northern Italy and future restaurant locations. Ambrogio15 will celebrate the arrival of its new chef with The Dough Master’s Dinner on Thursday, June 7.

Ambrogio15, born from the minds of Milan-turned-San Diego residents Giacomo Pizzigoni, Andrea Burrone and Luca Salvi, was created to share Milano culture—both dining and design—with San Diegans. Ambrogio15 has consistently earned the respect of patrons through incredibly high quality and thoughtful fare made with ingredients from small-scale, sustainable producers in Italy; notably, its modern lighting, dough mixer, oven, pizza counter and coffee cups are also products of Italy. Learn more at


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