Be Grateful for the Elves Who Live Among Us

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Every day I am reminded that there are people in our communities who deserve our respect and appreciation. They are people who volunteer their skills, talents, experiences, vision, and offer foresight on a daily basis to serve our communities.  They don’t ask for anything in return. They do it because they care and are concerned with the wellbeing of their neighborhoods, communities, and the quality of life in San Diego for all residents. They are caretakers, generous elves who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

As publisher of this publication, I have been honored to know and work with these people who really are the heart and soul of our communities.  They are people who serve on boards and non-profit organizations, who fundraise, petition, and serve with humility and as good Samaritans.

What would we do without them?

Fact is, we would be at a huge disadvantage without their leadership and commitment. That’s because they fill a void by demonstrating through action that they are here to serve the public at large. They volunteer to educate and advocate on our behalf and represent organizations that are growing immensely around San Diego.  Some of the organizations that I refer to include Save San Diego’s Character, Save San Diego’s Access, Neighbors for a Better San Diego, and Livable California.

Fortunately, their actions are getting results.  That’s because they use logic and rationale in their approach to deal with the issues at hand and offer solutions that make sense for San Diego. 

Representatives from Save San Diego’s Character have been meeting with representatives of Congressman Scott Peter’s office to share the concerns of over 4,000 San Diegans who are opposed to the Navy’s plans for the NAVWAR site located next to Old Town San Diego.  After a recent meeting with Mary Ann Pintar, chief of staff to Congressman Peters, she provided this quote to share with the public.

“Thank you for meeting with us and sharing your thoughts about the future of the NAVWAR site. We hear and understand your concerns regarding density, height, the historic nature of the area, beach access, views, and traffic. Congressman Peters is focused on working with the Navy to develop a vibrant, inviting neighborhood that draws in San Diegans and also meets the needs of the command’s critical cybersecurity mission. To accomplish this, the Navy must hire professionals to design a concept incorporating parks, open space, retail, and housing, while integrating with the architectural style of the area. The final plans should include affordable units to address the region’s housing shortage and connect San Diegans with significant transit improvements. Congressman Peters is appreciative of community input, and will continue to share feedback with the Navy throughout this process as we work toward a project worthy of celebration.”

As a member of Save San Diego’s Character, I know we are hopeful that our time and efforts to be a voice of reasoning that represents a strong contingency of caring San Diegans will prove fruitful.  We will continue to advocate for positive results on the NAVWAR site and invite residents who can provide their expertise and experience in a meaningful and beneficial manner.  As for all of the people who have been working with Save San Diego’s Character, we continue to recommend communicating with Congressman Scott Peters’ staff to let them know of your concerns and issues with the Navy’s proposal.  We also recommend offering the strong opposition comments from the California Coastal Commission as it weighed in on environmental, historical and traffic concerns. 

As for the other organizations, I know that all of them and their respective members are continuing to stay true to their causes and will encourage other San Diegans to join their endeavors.  

As we embrace the season of giving, let us be generous with sharing our kind thoughts and appreciation for the community elves who give year around.

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