Best Friends Who Share a Passion for Coffee and Character Building

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This is a Valentine Day story about two guys who met at a training site before spending two years in Afghanistan. Eric Johnson was a Naval engineer officer, and Marcel Wright was an Army logistics officer. While serving together between May 2013 and February 2014, they developed a strong friendship and a desire to eventually work together in the United States.  The dream of running a coffee business and working side by side away from the military became reality.

The name of their cold brew coffee company is Trident and is based in Imperial Beach, CA.  The symbolism of the name and logo reflects Johnson’s love for water and is considered the most powerful nautical symbol. In Greek mythology, Poseidon had the capability to connect every person through earth and water.  Hence, the two ingredients incorporated into their product are coffee and water.

Wright shared with me that they decided on a nitro cold brew coffee when they were in Afghanistan and have worked diligently to perfect the flavor and production process.  The coffee beans come from a Brazilian plantation run by Victor Morassi, who not only has an exceptional product, he is also a highly ethical business operator.  Both he and Johnson felt it was imperative to collaborate with businesses that are highly respected and to utilize the talents and skills of people whose experience they value.  That’s why Matt Johnson, Eric’s brother, who is an executive chef, came up with the coffee recipe.  Both Eric and Wright were extremely grateful for his ability to create a blend that is unique and delicious.

Today they have the first nitro cold brew based coffee houses in San Diego, and they are growing the business to have their coffee brew distributed nationwide. The cold brew coffee is produced with no preservatives or additives.  The water is void of any chemicals and sediment, and infused with calcium and pH balanced.  The purpose is to make sure the end product is healthy and beneficial to their customers.  And, what makes it even more exceptional is that it is served in an attractive aluminum can that reflects the personality and character of their company.

According to Wright, many things make coffee special to them.  Having spent time in Afghanistan, and experiencing the effects of people fighting over their differences, coffee was the one thing that created bridges, not barriers.  They have sat at tables and in bunkers with people who did not share the same language, ethnicity, religion, or cultures; yet, they were able to connect with each other over a shared beverage…coffee.  

Wright shared me that he feels extremely lucky to be working with his best friend and sharing in their life journey.  He said that Eric was his best man when he got married and is his son’s godfather.  And, besides producing an exceptional coffee product, they have made it their personal mission to bring people together and putting good back in to the world.

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Marcel Wright (left) and Eric Johnson are steadfast friends. Johnson is holding his godson, Wright’s son.

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