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Government Charged to Represent Its Constituents

Being involved in a small business and assisting other small businesses around the country has some real benefits, versus working in big corporate America. I have done both in my lifetime and have valued these experiences.  One moves slower, has layers of bureaucracy, and, also tends to be more political.  That’s big corporate America.

The other, small businesses, have to be agile, think on their feet (as we say), be very strategic and rely on others to help through their work and business challenges. That’s why I have always been involved with small business organizations (such as BIDs and chambers of commerce) throughout my career.  The benefit of these organizations is that small businesses become a part of team, working together to get things done, and being collaborative in their thinking processes and actions.

What worries me is that some of our politicians seem unaware of the challenges of small businesses and the overwhelming layers of regulation and business fees and taxes that continues to be a drain on their success.  And, though they don’t have the financial means to make large campaign donations, they make significant contributions to the wellbeing of their communities and the people who they hire and support. 

Recently I learned of all the “new” laws that are being initiated in the state of California.  It was a shock to know of the impact of these laws on the residents and small businesses of the state and those that do business here. 

During a recent board meeting of the Old Town San Diego Chamber, I stated to representatives of some elected officials that we need to rein in some of the unreasonable, not well thought out rules, regulations and bills that continue to change the business climate in the state of California.

Due to the fact that I frequently travel out of state on business and meet with other small business owners, it has become the norm, not the exception, that I receive criticism of the government of the state of California.  Ironically, I hear this from people who are Democrats and Republicans.  This is a bipartisan issue. 

We are no longer considered a business-friendly state.  Instead, we are perceived as a “regulatory and taxation” state, which is very worrisome.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that there may be an issue with our elected officials who are making these decisions on the city, county and state levels.  It may behoove us to review their backgrounds and experiences.  The questions we need to ask include, have they worked in government their entire lives, and do they understand the struggles of being a business owner?

I have serious doubts they do.

And, I’ve learned that some politicians have serious agendas that often do more harm than good for the population at large. They seem to forget they represent all of their constituents, not just a chosen few.   

In this issue, there is an article on page 4 that also addresses entrepreneurship and how regulatory issues and taxation are preventing new small businesses from existing, and/or succeeding.  Obviously, I am not alone in expressing my concerns and desire for change in the state of California.

It’s time for our elected officials to listen and support the businesses that are trying to succeed in California. Otherwise, expect to see an exodus of good businesses and residents. And, expect more criticism from people from throughout the United States stating California’s government is over regulating and taxing businesses located here and throughout the country.

As I am writing this article I just learned that Senator Brian Jones, representing Santee, has co-authored a bill to repeal AB5. (See page 4 for this article.) So, despite those elected officials who seem to be working against small businesses, there are others who are working to change this situation.  We thank Senator Brian Jones for his willingness to stand up and work on our behalf. 

Senator Brian Jones, representing Santee, has co-authored a bill to repeal AB5.

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