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For all of us who have had loving, caring and resourceful fathers in our lives, we know the loss we feel when they are no longer with us.  That void, no matter how recent or long ago it occurred, still seems to resonate in our lives. 

However, somehow, Dad’s words of encouragement and fatherly advice still seems to make itself known to me.  That’s because, for all of the years of being a positive role model, his actions of goodwill, being a humanitarian with strong work ethics, and a dedicated father, are with me today.  How blessed I have been to have a dad such as this.

As you might expect, I was fortunate to have loving parents. Dad and Mom were kindred spirits.  They shared the same zest for life and brought happiness and laughter in to the lives of family, friends and strangers.  They were hardworking, blue collar, independent and entrepreneurial in their own ways.

Dad worked several jobs to make ends meet.  He was a baker for National Biscuit Company, and was a shop steward for the Confectionary and Bakers Union.  He also worked as a mechanic on weekends and painted houses for extra income. 

Mom started a day care service for families with children in the neighborhood.  And though I had three siblings, our extended family was our neighborhood.  We were a multi-cultural and diverse family. Our home “runneth over” with activity, energy and love.

People ask me frequently, “Patty, how you do what do, and what motivates you to work as hard as you do?” 

I tell them, it’s in my genes.  I am a reflection of my parents. 

My parents also fought on behalf of their community, neighbors and family.  Their faith, values and integrity made them exceptional leaders in their community.  I can still recall the meetings at the community hall, church basement, and school offices, as well as our own living room.  They were always involved to make the neighborhood, community and schools safe and healthy for everyone.

They were exceptional role models, as well as voices of reason, logic, and common sense. They were the perfect package. 

As I say this, I am reminded of all of the current challenges facing us in our families, neighborhoods, communities, city and county.  Boy, could we use my parents’ strong willed attitudes. 

Well, fortunately, there are people in our community that share many of the qualities of my parents. 

One of them has written an article for our publication that is on page 12.  She is also running for mayor of San Diego.  Barbara Bry is tenacious and street smart, and has a strong backbone, which is what we need for San Diego, a mayor with honor and integrity. 

And, now she needs our help with the stadium project.  As you will read, there are certain people who have decided to block this important project.  It’s time for us to get involved and be forceful with our elected officials who are better at building roadblocks than bridges.

As my parents would say, “It’s time to get involved and show some courage.”

We learned that the City Council is scheduled to vote on the stadium project on Friday, May 29, the day after this issue goes to press.  We are hopeful that the Council will move to support the stadium project.  If not, let’s contact our elected officials in support of the stadium project:

Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer: kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6330

CM Barbara Bry District 1: barbarabry@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6611

CM Dr. Jennifer Campbell District 2: jennifercampbell@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6622

CM Chris Ward District 3: christopherward@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6633

CM Monica Montgomery District 4: monicamontgomery@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6644

CM Mark Kersey District 5: markkersey@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6655

CM Chris Cate District 6: chriscate@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6616

CM Scott Sherman District 7:  scottsherman@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6677

CM Vivian Moreno District 8: vivianmoreno@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6688

Council President Georgette Gomez District 9: georgettegomez@sandiego.gov | 619-236-6699

Mom and Dad (Anna and Clarence Herrman) with my sister, Kathy, at her graduation from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

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