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Americana BBQ meets Coastal Baja Cuisine

The Patio Group (TPG) restaurants are going through a transformation. The new Corporate Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles, recently appointed to lead TPG’s culinary team, is changing the climate, culture and menus of these restaurants. 

Moiles, who oversees The Patio Group of restaurants, including The Fireside by the Patio at Liberty Station, The Patio on Lamont in Pacific Beach, and The Patio on Goldfinch in Mission Hills, is working with restaurant staff to refresh and reinvigorate the individual themes for each restaurant property.

The restaurant that was chosen to first experience this transformation is the Fireside in Liberty Station. According to their website, they’ve taken the classic American dishes you love and infused them with the rustic elegance, laid back atmosphere, and flame-inspired artistry that Fireside is known for. They call it “SoCal Americana.”

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to try the new dinner menu and was quite impressed with the offerings and their preparation.  One of the dishes that caught my interest and enthusiasm is the grilled octopus.  Knowing how critical preparation is to making this item tender and juicy, I was quite impressed. It’s dressed with guacamole and other tasty additions (nopales pico de gallo, chorizo and agave) that definitely make it one of my favorites.

The amber roasted local ono, which I’ve never had before, also peaked my interest and appreciation.  It comes prepared with tajin lime vinaigrette, roasted corn, tortilla, cilantro and radish. What a celebration for your palate.  It is exceptional.

For those who prefer meat dishes, there are several to choose from, including the chipotle crusted brandt prime grilled tri tip that comes with house made pickles (yummy), chipotle slaw, pickled Serrano peppers, cornbread, Carolina barbecue sauce and baked beans. It’s a culinary masterpiece for those of us who like variety.

Moiles, who appreciates the seasonal fresh produce and seafood available year-round in Southern California, says that the menus will change to reflect this. He also has an exceptional resource in Brawley, California for beef.  Raised without chemicals, and fed alfalfa and corn, this helps to create the impressively rich flavor of all of the meat dishes.

Having grown up in a rural environment, Moiles learned from an early age the benefits of fresh ingredients. He says that he is not surprised by people’s reactions when they taste fresh grown vegetables and fruits. They have come to realize that tomatoes picked from the vine are sweet and juicy, not dried and flavorless.

And, if you are interested in the beverages, even they come with a seasonal twist, including endless summer, which contains bourbon, ginger, cucumber, lime and mint.  It is refreshing.

Now I have just given you a “teasing” of what is on the menu and available this summer.  I would recommend you visit Fireside and allow your palates to experience a whole new variety of flavors.  Fireside is located at 2855 Perry Road, Building 8 in Liberty Station.

Jarrod Moiles (right) is working with Juan Pablo as they create some of the Fireside’s barbecued items.

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