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If you’re urban, you likely know the intersections that are interminable.
The ones where we could eat dinner…grrrrrr.

ADVICE: A simple shift from grrrrr can do wonders: from fuming-with-delay
to pausing, breathing and looking around.

Let it be a small shift into the “now-moment-zenishness” of where you are.
Ha! But, really.

Use it as a break from go-go.

And, then, when the light changes, you’re on your way.
Rested because you rested.

There is a great story Joseph Campbell tells on himself.
It seems he married a woman who did not share his sense of time.

He was on time or early.
She arrived late.

And when she was late, he was already fuming. From the time she was supposed
to be there until she got there, fuming.

Until, he appealed to his friend Alan Watts who suggested another way.

Alan pointed out that every time his wife was late, then Joseph upset himself.
Instead, he suggested, shift: do something different with the waiting time.
Notice your surroundings. Rest.

Joseph took his advice. And, this shift of thinking? It eventually caused him to not even notice the time passing. And when his wife arrived? “Hi. Here you are.”

Fuming less. Turn waiting into resting.

Cath DeStefano, Speaker, Author, Artist


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