Lazy Acres Promotes Pie Winner

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Jeff Dresser (left) is pictured with Cait Gunderson of Lazy Acres.

This past January I was invited to sample the winning entry of Mission Hills Pie Contest that was previously held at the 4th of July celebration at Mission Hills/Pioneer Park. Lazy Acres featured the pie for National Pie Day that occurred on January 23. The winning entry, named Lemon Angel Pavlova Pie, was available to store guests to sample and was featured at Lazy Acres Mission Hills store from January 20 through 23.

Jeff Dresser of Kensington, who created the pie, was also at the store on January 23 to hand out samples and to share the history of his creation. Dresser shared that the pie has a Midwestern background. It was originally featured at Betty’s Pie Shop in Two Harbors, Minnesota. What makes it extra special is that it has a crispy meringue crust shaped high around a light lemon chiffon filling. This pie will melt in you mouth. And, I know, because I had a sampling.

Dresser shared with me that his mother was an amazing cook who taught her children to appreciate food preparation, including making pastries and other comfort food. He was pleased to share his pie creation with others and hope that others will enjoy a little of his home cooking.

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