Life Offers Lots of Opportunities Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

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Having been in the San Diego fashion industry for many years has provided me a great career and life journey. I used to produce and style shows in my teens. Then in my twenties the shows I produced always had a mix of adults and kids as models. It was a pleasure to work with both age groups.

Then in 2010 I started writing for the Presidio Sentinel. Instead of working events, I had the opportunity to be a member of the press for various shows, including Fashion Week San Diego and Orange County Fashion Week.

Hitting the ground hard last year, I started styling, and with more focus on building my social media presence with the work that I had done over the years and my current work. Now that my kids are a bit older, four-years old and 18-months old, I have begun to take more evening and weekend gigs and have a new found love with my career.

Being a mom, I also always look for new kid designers to dress my children. This past March I learned about a non-profit organization called Kids Fashion Week (KFWDMV), and reached out to them. I asked if they had kid designers who wanted to have my children as brand reps. A few months later I got a response that led to me speaking with the founders of KFWDMV, which is based out of Washington, DC.

What started with my interest in learning of this organization, switched to them wanting to know more about my fashion background and credentials. They were interested in what I had done in the industry. Then they shared their plans for the non-profit organization. Eventually, the talk shifted to me taking a serious role with their non-profit organization, becoming director of Kids Fashion Week San Diego. Though honored with this opportunity, this resulted in a very serious conversation. That’s because I know there are many moving parts to an event like this. Just knowing the role I have at home with my family, it also meant I needed to have an important discussion with my husband. 

During the following months I continued doing my styling projects. It was while I was working in LA this past October, and talking to a trusted colleague of mine, when it truly hit me that this is the next step to my fashion career. I knew there would need to be a lot of conversations and contracts to review.  It also meant a large leap of faith on my part. Yet, after months of serious decision-making, this past month it became official. Kids Fashion Week San Diego has arrived.

From December 11 through 13, 2020 kids from throughout San Diego will have a platform to advance their modeling careers and showcase their design collections. At the same time, the event will offer an opportunity for growth, networking and development, for children working in the entertainment industry. This “for kids by kids” event is going to be very special. Not only will it take me back to my roots of producing events, being a parent, I know that my life is now fully invested in our future generations’ opportunity to be an integral part of the fashion movement and industry.

Kids Fashion Week is a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt company, looking to provide a major platform to youth in order to present their talents and abilities to the world. 

For more information, visit, and to keep up with Kids Fashion Week San Diego, follow us @stylishly_positive and @kidsfashionweekdmv. 

Left to right are Crystal Davis, Akilah Dia-Amadi, Aubree Lynn, Auntea Marie, and Amina Muhammad, who represent Kids Fashion Week Network.

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