Local Company Has World’s First Patented Climate-Controlled Humidor

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CigarBros Humidors introduced the world’s first patented climate-controlled humidor with vertically standing cigars. This state-of-the-art humidor is equipped with top humidity and temperature-controlled technology in order to house premium cigars without sacrificing quality, freshness and retail space. By standing the cigars vertically, CigarBros allows over 500 percent more selection within the same retail space, solving a major hurdle in the industry. 

CigarBros Humidors takes an age-old industry and revolutionizes the process in which cigars are housed and sold. This compact 24-inch wide humidor holds the temperature and relative humidity at a perfect 70 degrees, guaranteeing cigars are at their optimal condition.

“After recognizing the need for specialty cigars in more convenient locations, I spent years building and testing prototypes that would allow retailers to carry a wider selection of cigars without compromising their integrity,” said CigarBros Humidors Founder and Owner Remon Mansour. “When you smoke a cigar from one of our humidors, you experience the cigar’s taste as intended by the maker.”

Headquartered in El Cajon, Calif., CigarBros sources the cigars directly from the manufacturers where they are stored and packaged in a state-of-the-art 16,000 square foot warehouse and walk-in, climate controlled humidor. CigarBros offers an automated process in which retailers can order its modern humidor and curated selection of premium cigars online. CigarBros also offers an Augmented Reality application where potential retailers can view a humidor in their space from a mobile phone.

CigarBros Humidors is now available at over 500 locations throughout the U.S., including luxury hotels, casinos and convenient stores. For more information, visit https://cigarbros.com/

CigarBros Humidors offers state-of-the-art vertical humidors with top humidity and temperature technology.

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