Mayoral Candidate Larry Turner Calls for an Independent Investigation into Infrastructure Failures

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After hearing from residents in the City of San Diego asking why the mayor and other elected officials did nothing to act proactively on an inevitable disaster, mayoral candidate Larry Turner seeks an independent investigation into infrastructure failures. Turner says blaming the flooding on climate change as the mayor said on Monday, is ludicrous. He called this a prime example of how far Gloria will go to avoid responsibility. The broken infrastructure and tons of debris that jammed the storm drains and prevented the flow of rainwater made the events of January 22, inevitable.  Turner is demanding answers.

San Diegans are asking, “Why wouldn’t our elected officials hear our cries for help?”

Over the past year, residents throughout the city of San Diego have voiced strong concerns that the mayor and other elected officials have avoided dealing with reality, the city’s infrastructure is broken and needs repair.

Instead of using funds for bike lanes that are rarely used and eliminating Development Impact Fees (DIFs) from developers who have constructed hundreds of high rises and apartment buildings all over the city, the infrastructure should have been a priority.  The amount of the infrastructure deficit which is currently $4.8 billion will likely escalate due to the storm damage.

Now a new challenge is to fix what is broken and repair all the damage caused by lack of planning and lack of good sense.

In various parts of the city, drains and broken infrastructures have been ignored.  Even after numerous attempts to get attention from the people who can change the course and prevent inevitable destruction.

Leadership, according to residents, is lacking at city hall, which is directly related to the person running the city, a mayor who constantly reacts too late and still has no plans for correcting the course.

Turner, who is a veteran police officer, is on the streets daily and sees what’s happening, the extent of the problem with basic city services and has concrete strategies for confronting our budget, shortfalls and closing those gaps while increasing employee productivity.

Turner offered, “In addition to the health and safety issues with this lack of leadership, we won’t know for weeks the extent of property damage caused by lack of attention to a basic city infrastructure function.  I’ve spoken to business owners who have no idea how many tens of thousands of dollars they lost due to flooding.  Who knows how many vehicles are totaled from being flooded. We need to know why this was allowed to occur.”

Mayoral candidate, Larry Turner (center), is shown with leaders from Southeast San Diego, Michael Westmoreland (right) and Brian Goodin (left) at the site of flooding.

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