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Have you ever seen MomsMakingSixFigures and wondered, what do they do?  They are a group of women from various professional backgrounds that have partnered with a U.S. based manufacturer.  They don’t sell anything and are not your traditional “home based business.”  They start by educating.  They would love to educate you on their business and their team

Here are a few of the team members and their backgrounds.

Angie Gange, former mortgage broker, mother of three teenage boys (the oldest having just entered college), joined MomsMakingSixFigures to replace the substantial income that she once enjoyed in her former career.

Barbara Ryan, M.D., trauma and reconstructive plastic surgeon, grandmother of one active little boy, joined MomsMakingSixFigures to improve upon her quality of life as an on-call emergency room doctor who was constantly deprived of time with her husband, an active member of the US Navy.

Heidi Bartolotta, former pharmaceutical representative for three-state sales territory, mother of two young daughters, joined MomsMakingSixFigures when her husband was down-sized from his associate position at a large California law firm.

Michele Martin, former VP of Technology for a large real estate financial company, mother of four wonderful and active children, joined MomsMakingSixFigures when she realized that while she enjoyed her corporate position, she wanted to build something for herself.

Stacy Brown, former CPA and director and VP of a large international public company, single mother of a 4 year-old daughter, joined MomsMakingSixFigures to create more time-freedom without sacrificing her significant income.

Melanie Hughes, former registered dietician, single mother of three young children, joined MomsMakingSixFigures in order to be able to bridge the gap in monthly expenses without sacrificing her desire to be a stay at home mom.

Angie Gange, Heidi Bartolotta, Michele Martin, Barbara Ryan M.D., Kara Horat, Cindy Posa, Stacy Brown and Melanie Hughs are on the MomsMakingSixFigures’ team.

These ladies are just a few of the dynamic women who make up MomsMakingSixFigures team. They know from experience that every woman faces different pressures trying to balance a professional career and motherhood. Working with other like minded women creates an incredible team.

Because the down economy over the last four-to-five years has negatively impacted each of them, they developed a business model that requires no overhead, no inventory and no selling. Contact them to learn more about MomsMakingSixFigures’ team.  For more information, call (858) 472-7584, or, visit

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