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Local Business Woman Makes Major Strides

Over the last several months I have been observing via social media the work related activities of Stacey Blanchet, who is based in Pacific Beach, Calif. She is a busy lady with a lot of projects all happening simultaneously. Her primary business, Your Girl Friday, provides marketing, public relations and other management and customer-oriented services for 45 regular clients.

Blanchet is also a clothing designer and has recently secured some very exciting projects. When I met with her this past month she had just returned from a trip to Los Angeles to purchase fabric for two dresses she has designed and is creating for hostesses of the upcoming Emmy Awards, scheduled for September 23, 2012. She also learned that she will be providing dresses for the Academy Awards and GRAMMY Awards. It is almost daily that there is another opportunity and accomplishment related to her interests and efforts.

Blanchet is the creative designer for Blanchet Designs, and Janaki Ravinutala is the head seamstress on the team. Blanchet refers to their fashion line as timeless and classic with a contemporary edge for the woman who isn’t afraid to be expressive.

Because of her fashion adventures and accomplishments, in May of 2011 Blanchet was invited to participate in a documentary project, allowing videographers full access to a year in the life of Blanchet Designs, detailing all the many projects she had upcoming. She agreed, allowing the camera to follow her and capture all the projects and fashion shows of 2011.

What the documentary team quickly realized is that Blanchet’s life was intriguing. They also became aware of a short non-fiction story she wrote and had published. It detailed her life story from childhood, which explains the hardships and challenges she experienced, and her desire to overcome her fears and disappointments. After learning more about Stacey Blanchet, they asked to change the focus of the documentary and capture more about the person behind Blanchet Designs.

The documentary, “The Journey to Myself,” was completed in June of 2012 and has been submitted to seven United States’ film festivals. Blanchet learned in late August 2012 that the documentary has earned an Official Festival Selection and is now in the running for one of the Festival’s top awards in its category. The winning selections in each category will be announced on stage during the Festival Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Obviously, Blanchet is extremely excited about the success of this documentary, at the same time, she is a little nervous about sharing her life experiences, especially the sexual abuse by an uncle that she had to deal with as a child. That was one of the experiences that both scarred and challenged her. In the documentary, she shares the journey to heal and how she has learned to deal with the hurt and loss.

She told me that knows that she is a “wings not a roots’ person,” and plans to be a “work in progress” until the day she dies.

Blanchet and I had a lengthy conversation about all that is currently happening in her life and what’s in the stars for the future. She told me that knows that she is a “wings not a roots’ person,” and plans to be a “work in progress” until the day she dies. However, whatever she “dares to accomplish,” she also knows that it will be done with discipline and focus, and a plan.

With that final thought, I plan to keep an eye on Stacey Blanchet because I know that her journey has really just begun. And, I don’t want to miss her roller coaster ride. If you’re interested in learning more about Stacey Blanchet, her book, videos and fashion designs, visit

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