Restaurateur Launches New Eatery in Mission Hills

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The Patio on Goldfinch Street may serve the delicious Twisted Elvis dessert.

The Patio on Goldfinch Street may serve the delicious Twisted Elvis dessert.

by Anne Sack

Gina Champion-Cain has already established herself as a prominent business woman in San Diego. Now she takes careful aim at the restaurant industry, with the opening of her second restaurant, The Patio on Goldfinch.

“I believe in ‘neighborhood centric’ and while I may have coined a new word here, every bit of what it sounds like, it means; as it’s where we want to create our restaurants and what I truly believe in. I want The Patio restaurants to be an extension of my home here in Mission Hills, where great conversation, innovative new food preparations and superior ambiance completely embrace everyone who visits,” said Champion-Cain, owner, operator and CEO of The Patio on Goldfinch.

The announcement of the new restaurant comes on the heels of her first restaurant, The Patio on Lamont Street, celebrating its one year anniversary. The new 4,000 sq. ft. Mission Hills location at 4020 Goldfinch will be larger and more spacious than Pacific Beach, with seating for over 200 guests. Together with new property owner Carleton Management, Champion-Cain estimates renovations on the existing building to be completed by early spring 2014.

While the name remains the same, the environment will reflect the tradition and magnificence of Mission Hills. “It is truly our intention to adapt to the ethos of the neighborhood, while continually creating innovative dishes and food preparations with our own San Diego flair,” Champion-Cain offered. “I know our chefs want to stress seafood here and want to earn the right to become the finest seafood location in the city. For our Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, Point Loma, Hillcrest and Downtown residents and future customers, we believe The Patio on Goldfinch will begin the true transformation and revitalization of this outstanding neighborhood,” added Champion-Cain.

According to Champion-Cain, the “urban-chic eclectic restaurant” will feature the warmth of craftsman fabricated wood, metal and brick interiors, using exclusively re-purposed woods for tables and chairs, dramatic use of tile, clean white-washed walls, orange tile roof, a glass entryway, signature fireplace and of course, a beautiful and lush landscaped pet-friendly patio.

Champion-Cain gushes when she speaks of her design team: Bea Arrues, lead designer; Philip Cudaback, lead architect; David Michael, designer, fabricator, creator, artist; and Carlton Management, developer. “I am blessed to be working with Jeff Silberman, CEO of Carlton Management. His redevelopment brilliance has already created hundreds of apartments Downtown, the New School of Architecture and Design building and the recently developed Fifth Avenue dining and shopping block between University and Washington, in Hillcrest, to name just a few of his accomplishments.”

Champion-Cain’s experience in real estate and development has certainly prepared her for her undertakings in the restaurant industry. She is president and CEO of her own real-estate firm, American National Investments, and she started a new brand, Luv San Diego Surf, three years ago. Under the umbrella of Luv San Diego Surf are six pet-friendly vacation rentals located in Mission Beach, a women’s clothing boutique in Mission Beach, and the restaurants.

When the real estate market went soft a few years ago, this University of Michigan grad knew it was time to refocus. “I seriously determined I needed to reinvent myself. When I first was informed the former Lamont Street Grill, a true neighborhood eatery, was closing and the land was up for sale, I leaped at the chance to redevelop a true infill site with overall sustainability in mind, while also engaging the preservation for the Pacific Beach neighborhood. It has become a coveted local hangout ever since. To our great amazement, our diners also come in droves from La Jolla, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. We know it is our ambiance, amazing food and pet-friendly environment that keep them coming back.”

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