San Diego Business Owners Call for Legal Reform

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California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA), a nonpartisan grassroots movement fighting against lawsuit abuse in California, recently continued its “Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits” tour in San Diego at a luncheon with citizens concerned about the economic cost of lawsuit abuse. Numerous small businesses in the San Diego area, as well as the city itself, have been the target of abusive lawsuits, which hurt job growth, drain public resources and damage the economy.

The event brought together elected officials, community leaders, business owners, and concerned citizens to share thoughts and personal stories about the negative effect of lawsuit abuse on job growth and California’s economy and what can be done to stop it.

“Lawsuit abuse strains small businesses and communities across the country, and we’re feeling the pain here in California,” said Southern California CALA Regional Director Maryann Marino. “With the upcoming election, we expect to hear a lot about how to get our economy back on track. Legal reform needs to be a part of that conversation. This is something our lawmakers can do now at little or no cost to Californians that will immediately help create jobs.”

Assemblyman Brian Jones, who represents the 77th Assembly District.

“Business owners in California spend far too much time and money defending themselves from lawyers hoping to extort a windfall from them,” said Assemblyman Brian Jones, who represents the 77th Assembly District. “But these aren’t problems specific to San Diego or even California. Lawsuit abuse is a national problem, and our leaders at all levels need recognize that lawsuit abuse costs jobs.”

Marino says the rally in San Diego is one of many “stops” on the “Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits” tour, which will make stops around the country in states feeling the strains of lawsuit abuse. She noted that while specific stories on lawsuit abuse may vary from state to state, each comes back to a common theme: the nation’s legal climate is hindering economic growth and hurting job creation, and citizens are fed up with lawmakers’ continued inability to pass meaningful reforms.

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