San Diego’s MOXIE Theatre Announces Sweet Sixteen Season – Vowing to Come Back

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Turning sixteen means new responsibility and new freedom and the same goes for San Diego’s scrappy, innovative, and critically acclaimed MOXIE Theatre. MOXIE has been highlighted recently in the press as a leader in the virtual theatre landscape with their highly popular and among the first to market, ZoomFest. MOXIE is also lauded as the inspiration behind, and one of the leaders of, San Diego’s collective of 36 theatre companies known as “One Theatre. One Story.”

It seems that amidst all the uncertainty, MOXIE is blossoming and so perhaps it’s perfect timing for MOXIE’s Sweet Sixteen Season. “We thought about delaying our announcement but our subscribers started contacting us to buy their subscription. They weren’t concerned about dates. They wanted to support us by purchasing early, ” shared Thorn, MOXIE’s executive artistic director and the snarky pajama clad host of their hit virtual theatre festival, ZoomFest.

MOXIE has carefully planned an unforgettable return to the theatre, four hilarious, uplifting and thought-provoking opportunities to reach across the divide, to step outside ourselves, to pull those we love closer and to be humbled by the human capacity to give.

MOXIE will kick off their Sweet Sixteen Season in the summer or fall 2020 with Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright Paula Vogel’s Mineola Twins. This comedy told in six scenes, four dreams and seven wigs tells the story of almost identical twins Myra and Myrna who battle each other through the Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan/Bush years over virginity, Vietnam and family values.

Up next in the fall 2020 or winter of 2021 is the drama the New York Times called “Bristling & Provocative” Eleanor Burgess’ The Niceties set in an elite East Coast university. In The Niceties an ambitious young black student and her esteemed white professor meet to discuss a paper the college junior is writing about the American Revolution. They’re both liberal. They’re both women. They’re both brilliant. But very quickly they’re in dangerous territory – and facing stunning implications that can’t be undone.

Following this second production in either the winter or spring of 2021 is the critically acclaimed new play by Emmy Award winning writer Jane Anderson. New York Magazine referred to her new play about the mother of Joan of Arc “powerful and stunning.” Mother of the Maid is about a mother: a sensible, hard-working, God-fearing peasant woman whose faith is upended as she deals with the baffling journey of her odd and extraordinary daughter.

And rounding off MOXIE’s Sweet Sixteen Season in the spring or summer of 2021 is the international sensation by America’s most produced living playwright, “I And You,” by Lauren Gunderson. “I And You” follows Caroline who is homebound due to illness. Though Caroline hasn’t been to school in months, she is as quick and sardonic as Anthony is athletic, sensitive, and popular. As these two let down their guards and share their secrets, the seemingly mundane poetry project that has brought them together unlocks a much deeper mystery.

MOXIE will allow subscribers to purchase a package for 3 or 4 shows without selecting dates in advance. In order to insure maximum flexibility, subscribers will be able to roll tickets into future performances if they’re unable to attend and to reschedule at the last minute if needed.

MOXIE Theatre is located at 6663 El Cajon Boulevard,  Suite North, San Diego, CA 92115.  To learn more and purchase tickets, visit, or call the MOXIE box office at (858) 598-7620.

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