Scary Pumpkin Patch

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It’s common for Mission Hills residents to decorate their home properties during the Halloween season. It’s not common for residents to offer to do it for someone else, including a local business.

However, that’s what Dave (dad) and Sebastian (son) Neiman offered to David of Ibis Market.  They came up with a game plan to create a scary pumpkin patch design that would fit ideally in the front window display at the neighborhood market, located at the corner of Ibis and Fort Stockton in Mission Hills.

Dave and Sebastian, who have resided in Mission Hills for a year and a half, said that the inspiration started at the kitchen table.  We were talking about the Halloween season and started to share ideas about doing something different this year. They live on Ibis Street and frequent Ibis Market. The concept of sharing the Halloween season with others came to life when they considered a location that seemed extremely visible to Mission Hills residents and guests.

When I asked what the benefit was of doing this as a team (dad and son), Sebastian offered that he and his dad got to bond and share some friendly camaraderie.

Watching as Dave was hanging lights inside the window display, Sebastian said, “Dad is a handyman who can tackle lots of projects. Just don’t ask him to rewire anything.”

Observing them in action, I realized that dad and son were having a good time.  They reminded me of the good times that I spent with my dad. 

Whether they knew it or not, they were gifting a lot of Mission Hills residents with their time, talents and Halloween spirt.

Thanks Dave and Sebastian.  We’re glad to have you in Mission Hills and appreciate your scary pumpkin patch display.

Sebastian, left, and Dave Neiman designed and created the Halloween display at Ibis Market.


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