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I don’t think I need to point out that February is the month of heartfelt gestures. It’s obvious (with cards, flowers, candy, and dinners) that we attempt to be more expressive during this month.  However, it’s usually focused on those closest to us.  I propose we spread it around to the community and to those who least expect it. That’s my plan for this month.

Additionally, this is the month when the Uptown Planning Group holds its board elections.  To some of us this is a big deal.  That’s because of the role and responsibilities of the individuals who are elected to the board. They have a huge impact on future development of Uptown San Diego, which includes Mission Hills, Middletown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Bankers Hill, Marston Hills, and the Medical Complex. They are also chosen to represent the voice of the communities they represent, which is a huge obligation.

With that in mind, there are three of us from the Uptown area who have spent considerable time and effort accessing the responsibilities of being on the board.  It is a considerable responsibility, in terms of time spent with board meetings, committee meetings and other activities requiring a lot of attention. 

We have also done our “due diligence” to assess the work of Uptown for All, which is the title that was given to a group of candidates who ran for board positions in 2021.  Each of them was elected due to their experience, work in the community, and their desire to be the voice of the communities they represent. 

Over the past year, I have attended the Uptown board meetings via Zoom.  Several times I was asked to speak on the NAVWAR project on behalf of Save San Diego’s Character. As many of you know, residents from Mission Hills (myself included) and surrounding areas have invested time, skills, and resources to challenge the Navy’s plan for extensive development of the property that is located next to Old Town San Diego.  

I’ve also sat in on numerous meetings and presentations from Neighbors for a Better San Diego, who were opposed to SB9 and SB10, and have heard their rational and well-researched responses to this bills that were enacted by elected officials without support from most of their constituents.  Representatives of Neighbors for a Better San Diego have written articles for the Presidio Sentinel, this issue included (see page 12).

This past month, I heard from representatives from the City of San Diego’s Planning Department about a huge buildout of Hillcrest into Mission Hills (which includes Washington Street).  This program, led by the Mayor’s Planning Department, aims to up zone Hillcrest to add 10,000 to 15,000 units to the housing capacity.  Uptown already has very high-density zoning, with enough capacity for 25 to 75 years of growth. 

The mayor’s staff also seeks to close the traffic lanes on University Avenue and remove all the parking. Based on the plans that I have seen, this area will change dramatically and without any concern for current residents, and existing businesses. 

And, when asked about infrastructure issues, the means to support the additional 30,000-plus people and buildings to house them, the City Planning Department had no response. 

So, as you can see, there is a lot going on in the Uptown area, Mission Hills included.

Uptown Planners is the local Community Planning Group which serves in an advisory role to the city.  This board consist of 17 citizens elected by the residents and business owners of Uptown. 

There are three of us, me, Tony Silvia and Matthew Brown, who have all lived in the area and want to be a voice of reasoning on Uptown Planners.  We also agree to represent Uptown for All, which encourages quality neighborhoods and thriving businesses. 

Please see the article on page 6 that gives more information about the upcoming election, and the people who want to represent you.

Remember, February is the time to spread love and to elect the board of Uptown Planners.  Thanks for doing your part to make this a rewarding and memorable month.

Tony Silvia, who is a candidate for the board of Uptown Planners, is shown with his wife and twin sons.

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