Soledad House Gains National Attention for Substance Abuse Treatment

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For millions of women nationally, it’s another agonizing year with major drug and alcohol abuse, generating absolute desolation on so many personal and professional levels. Families, spouses, friends, and employers are desperately trying to navigate through this frightening environment, with very little real information or supporting expertise, on how to even begin to manage these extraordinary conditions, and the consequences from its plethora of circumstances.

Soledad House is a women only,nationally recognized substance abuse treatment program based here in San Diego. They are dedicated to helping women stay sober. They operate in the real world.

Shana Penny is the CEO of Soledad House.

“We are their next step forward from a 30-day residential program, where our women clients put into action, for at least 90-days, principles they learn here to stay sober long term,” said Shana Penny, CEO of Soledad House.

Penny is a 35-year-old CEO, with her MSA from SDSU, whose extraordinary talent and seasoned leadership at Soledad House for the past 10 years, has herself overcome general issues with substance abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship issue challenges, as many other people have experienced. She has been at the helm of Soledad House, unswervingly expanding its 15-year operational and extended care program, consistently moving ahead of the curve, developing multiple treatment tracks across expanding programs while creating an intimate community setting for all clients. Since its inception, Soledad House has treated more than 3,500 clients.

“Ten years ago, women came to us principally with alcohol problems. Today, we see an abundance of psychological and social issues, all needing our complete capacity of expanded understanding and focused treatment procedures and practices. Try managing our client care and clinical treatment during the COVID pandemic? We did and managed without diminished treatment and complete client consideration, safety, and protection.

“Soledad House was created to provide all women a safe and completely trusted luxurious living environment, providing a total community for our clients to explore and understand sober behaviors and lifestyles. Women develop personal skills and confidence, to open-up and discuss their addiction challenges with other like-minded clients (peers), some heretofore, never revealing their true story to anyone.

“Moreover, another reason why we are a women’s only program is because men are a huge distraction in treatment and it’s imperative to remove that distraction so a person can have a true chance at rehabilitation,” said Penny.

Soledad House prides itself on providing an extraordinary “high-touch” extended care environment, designed with rigorous staff attention on rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction challenges, whose daily purposes and responsibilities are 100 per cent dedicated to all clients.

Penny persuasively shares Soledad House to be different by design.

“Our professional staff employs a consistent process of integrated regular communications, allowing all members of the clinical and administrative team to be fully integrated and informed about each client’s precise requirements, thus establishing an ongoing awareness of focused care and trustworthy on-going rehabilitation practices”, said Penny.

Soledad House provides a volume of clinically created client rehabilitation programs; all designed to meet or exceed an assortment of client issues and necessities on a consistent daily basis. All professional practices are based on fully accepted and recognized comprehensive principles and ethics of complete industry requirements and strategies.

With regard to referrals, Soledad House has established long-standing relationships and collaborations with several highly renowned treatment facilities nationally. These facilities refer clients to Soledad House because of its extraordinary outpatient performance with after-care client programs and requirements.

Soledad House professional staff members have often been former clients. These empowered women must meet minimum sobriety requirements, to serve in an administrative or managerial position at Soledad House. Their personal treatment and experience, as a client of the community, fully empowers them to pursue an occupation with this dedicated organization. 

Soledad House is very pleased to have the ability to offer a “scholarship program” to those women who are in need, but not able to meet the accepted requirements of treatment payment, typically insurance. These women connect with the administration department and evaluate for potential financial support and appropriate assistance.

According to Penny, “Calling Soledad House is the most important call you must make.” Navigating through the challenges of drug or alcohol addiction is a maze you never want to face alone and without professional guidance. But so many do.

Soledad House is keenly interested in helping a potential client, family members, husband, sister, or mom, be better prepared to face these challenges with answers to their most daunting questions. The most important thing one can do is ask for help.

At Soledad House, putting client’s needs first is the quintessential goal; helping them settle in a facility best addressing their personal needs, effective long-term rehabilitation, and learning life skills to maintain their personal sober, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle going forward.

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