The Navarra Family Continues a Family Tradition

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Jerome’s 58 Years and Counting

Mark Navarra (back row, left) stands next to his brother Jim Navarra. Jerry Navarra and his daughter Adrienne are in the front row.

In 1954 a furniture and appliance store opened in downtown San Diego during the boom following WWII. It was a family owned business, started by Jim Navarra (and a couple of other partners.) Jim named it Jerome’s to honor his son Jerry who is a household name in San Diego County.

Jerry and his sisters, Adeline and Anne, opened four more stores in the 1980’s growing Jerome’s from a “mom and pop” into a powerful regional retailer.

Welcome the third generation, Jerry’s two sons Jim and Mark and sister, Adrienne. Three stores have opened in the last three years making for a total of eight stores in the Southern, CA area. Jerome’s employs 458 people, and has an e-commerce website. Jerome’s, though known for selling furniture, sells 25 percent of all mattresses sold in San Diego County.

Jerry’s Price is the “no sales strategy” that employs the philosophy, “value difference, priced right.” Proving that this strategy is working, Jerome’s was recently named the second fastest growing furniture retailer in the United States.

Jerry Navarra says that “service” is their priority and that his team believes in building customer loyalty that is based on giving the buyer what he/she wants and expects. Customers will be met by trained professionals who are qualified to sell single items, as well as furnishings for an entire room and home.

What to do with old furniture that’s being replaced? Through a unique partnership with the Salvation Army, Jerome’s will pick up old furniture (for a minimal cost of $20) for anyone who purchases new furniture. Jerome’s will transport it to the Salvation Army and the customer gets the tax deduction receipt.

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