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With more than three years as a favorite shopping experience for many residents in Mission Hills and surrounding communities, Trillion Jewels on Juan Street in Old Town San Diego, continues to offer an attractive array of exceptionally unique jewelry.

Top quality and unique jewelry designs are the norm (not the exception) at Trillion Jewels.

Neil Ward, the proprietor, says that Trillion Jewels has lots of repeat clients who appreciate the selections he is able to provide.

Ward reminds me that Trillion Jewels carries high quality jewelry, much of which is so unique that you won’t find it anywhere else.

He added that the price of the jewelry is phenomenally attractive.  The three important factors: quality, uniqueness and value, and selection are what customers say when they see the inventory.

Trillion Jewels now has over 800 items to choose from. The collection now includes not only a great selection of diamond jewelry, but also a wide array of colored gemstones, many of them rare and not available in other jewelry stores.

Currently, Trillion Jewels has a great choice of all the well-known and much loved gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, opals, amethysts, citrine, blue topaz, tanzanite, pearls and garnets. 

Trillion Jewels also has an awesome selection of hard to find gemstones such as alexandrite, Paraiba tourmaline, rutilated quartz, jade (green and lavender), coral, Mexican fire opal, imperial topaz, cobalt blue spinal, tsavorite and demantoid garnet, sleeping beauty turquoise, watermelon and rubellite tourmaline and the list goes on.  

As the store is small and the focus is on quality, all Trillion Jewels jewelry is set in 14k gold, 18k gold and platinum (occasionally 22k and palladium), but no silver and very rarely 10K gold. 

Ward reminded me that they also offer high quality repairs at a very fair price and there is a “no quibble” 30-day return policy on sales. 

Ward offered, “Whether it is sales, repairs, appraisals or custom work, my goal is to always give customer such a great experience that they will want to come back and refer Trillion Jewels to their friends and family.”  


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