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Captain Kaplan, Sir! 

By Laura Walcher

In 2018, attorney Michael A. Kaplan, Esq. received the Martindale-Hubble Peer Review Rating award for his Personal Injury services. Annually, to the present, San Diego Magazine has noted brother Michael Kaplan as a “Top Attorney” in Personal Injury Law. 

As a captain in the U.S. Army, doing duty in Viet Nam, he was awarded two bronze stars: “For Meritorious Achievement vs. Hostile Forces.”

No wonder the kid’s been hustling for decades.

For some historic reason, probably to impress his grandson, Onno, he’s just put together his list of “jobs,” that began when he was a little kid. 

Although as New York kids, we were all “working” at some job or another, none of us can compete. We knew he was “busy,” but who pays much attention to their little brother? 

Gulp! Here’s his short list: lawn mower, snow shoveler, dishwasher, and dog-walker. Then, he “graduates” into stock clerk, pin boy, busboy, and car waxer. He continues with vet assistant, driving instructor, taxi driver, postal worker, gas station attendant, garbage truck deliverer, cabana boy, flange sorter, auto transporter, paralegal, restaurant owner (Chula Vista Marina/Dockside Deli). Then he went on to become legal counsel for Fotomat Corp; real estate broker, for lots, and manufactured homes and more.

Guess that’s how, or why, Michael A Kaplan, Esq., became this respected, successful, noted attorney.

“Way to go, bro!”

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