Toilet Guardian takes on Overflowing Toilets & Silent Leaks @ National Hardware Show Booth 3211

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Las Vegas, NV- (Press Release) The Toilet Guardian will be featured at the Aquaone Technologies Booth 3211 at The National Hardware Show. Aquaone will be seeking distribution opportunities, media appearances and strategic alliances.

Toilet Guardian is an electronic water saving device that shuts off water to the toilet when a leak or overflow is detected. This automatic shut-off valve saves water and stops water damage, providing emergency protection and cost savings. The first generations were commercial and sold directly to hospitals, senior living facilities and municipalities. Now for the first time, they are available to the public.

The Aquaone team is excited to attend, network and pitch the new Toilet Guardian at the 2012 National Hardware Show

 “We have gone through three versions of the Toilet Guardian to get it ready for consumer use. With drinking water getting more and more expensive, we know that Toilet Guardian is a great product. We invite anyone interested in water conservation products to visit us at booth 3211.” 
-David Parrish, AquaOne Technologies

The basic design of a toilet carries with it several inherent problems. A clogged toilet will obviously overflow, but toilets often leak, unnoticed, wasting hundreds and even thousands of gallons per day of drinking water. Look up the number-one cause of high water bills and, even the EPA agrees, it is the toilet. Small ‘silent’ leaks can waste hundreds of gallons per day and stuck open flappers or fill valves can waste thousands of gallons per day. The Toilet Guardian stops the loss.

The eco-smart valve easily attaches between the water supply line and the tank. Two small sensors work in tandem or separately to completely surround the toilet with protection from tank to bowl. Flapper and fill valve leaks, stuck flappers, rusted bolts, cracked tanks and especially clogged toilets, they are all the same to the Toilet Guardian – problems.

Aquaone Technologies & Toilet Guardian can be found at Booth 3211 at the Central Hall at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. For more information regarding Toilet Guardian, visit or call (714) 898-7016. For media inquiries please contact KMG at 619-573-9456 or

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