Final Phases of Civita Park Include Four Acres of Playgrounds, Picnic Areas and Gardens

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The final phases of Civita Park are complete and have opened to the public, adding approximately four acres of colorful playgrounds, game areas, ornamental gardens and open lawns to the 14.3-acre park, which is the largest park in Mission Valley.  

Highlights include:

?      Two playgrounds, one for children two-to-five years of age, and the other for kids five-to-12 years of age. In addition to traditional playground equipment, the playgrounds include rock-climbing walls, giant tree trunks set horizontally, rope bridges, swings and spinners;

?      A shaded picnic grove and family restrooms near the playgrounds;

?      The Mining Relics Garden, which showcases preserved mining equipment that was used when the Civita Park site was operated as a quarry, such as a Caterpillar D8 bulldozer, large augers and conveyer belts;

?      “Lookout Meadow,” an event pavilion with a landmark shade structure that mimics the design of the Civita amphitheater. The secluded area was designed for informal gatherings and group events, such as weddings, birthday parties or small concerts;

?      The Frame, an Instagram-worthy, 10-foot-high structure located in Lookout Meadow; 

?      A quiet garden zone where visitors can stroll through a scent garden, succulent garden and winged garden – all with horticultural signage; and

?      A regulation-size bocce court adjacent to a supersize picnic table and game tables.

Civita Park is a public-private partnership of Sudberry Properties, master developer of Civita, the City of San Diego through the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Grant family, which owned the property and mined a quarry on the site for many decades. The city park was designed by Schmidt Design Group, developed by Sudberry Properties, and built by Hazard Construction Company. The development team also included Architects HGW, Rick Engineering and BrightView Landscapes LLC. 

“We’re excited to replace a barren quarry with a beautiful park that will be enjoyed for many generations,” said Marco Sessa, senior vice president of Sudberry Properties. “It was important to the Grant family that Civita be designed around a central, unifying park,” he said.  “We are proud to have implemented their vision in a way that benefits the entire region.”

In a statement, the Grant family said, “It is an honor to give back this land to our native San Diego.  We hope it provides a welcome respite from the busy world that surrounds us all.”

The 14.3-acre public park is the largest park in Mission Valley.

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