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(San Diego, CA) David Kamatoy, multi-creative entrepreneur and television producer has released his latest video, “How to Google Yourself Properly.” In this video, a segment from the new Show, he provides tips and suggestions to make searching for your own name on the internet powerful and effective.

David Kamatoy behind the mic in Studio, KZTC7.

“People Google, or search, themselves on the internet all the time,” Kamatoy explains, “but they do it in a way that is not optimal. They tend to use the same browser they use for everything else, which skews the results to the sites they most frequently visit.” By using a private or incognito browser, he points out, the results will be much closer to what other people would see if they were searching for an individual.

In the Covid-19 “new normal,” the way people connect has changed immensely. Because more of our interactions are online, internet searches have become an even greater part of the equation. This is especially true when it comes to social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As Kamatoy tells people, “In the age of social media, every person is a brand and every company is a media company.” Understanding this brings the idea of optimal searching into greater focus.

Once a person has done an optimal search, the next step, according to Kamatoy, is looking for trends in the results. As an exercise, he suggests doing optimal searches on other people to see what those trends are. Once an individual has identified their own trends, they can then begin to further optimize the results to improve the odds of the right person finding them. This can include creating videos (YouTube is the second highest ranked site for searches), creating or further developing a personal branded website, or checking into sites such as LinkedIn or All of these steps work together to give an individual the tools needed to improve the results others will have when they search online.

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