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Multi-creative entrepreneur and television host and producer David Kamatoy has released his latest video from The Show on networking in the era of Covid 19 with author and entrepreneur Steven David Elliot. In the segment, “Networking in Covid-19 with Steven David Elliot,” the two discuss the creation of Elliot’s networking program, Rockstar Connect, and the challenges of networking in the coronavirus era.

After beginning a career in social work with the elderly, Steven David Elliot became interested in marketing after learning sales technique from a cousin. Remembering what his elderly clients had often said to him while in social work about regrets for things they had not done, Elliot decided to follow a dream and open up a bookstore. Eventually he had four successful bookstores, two each in North Carolina and Miami, Florida, which he ran for 15 years. Even in an era of growing online book sales, Elliot’s stores thrived because of his emphasis on networking.

Steven David Elliot, founder

“It’s not about what you sell; it’s about the people,” Elliot explains in the interview. “I would help people, and they would reward me by doing business with me.” This focus on networking continued to grow and developed into a consistent networking event that provided the help he needed in his business. “I’m not a small business when I have a networking event, because I have that big tribe, a nation of people who are around me.”

Elliot goes on in the interview to explain how this networking event then grew into what today is the Rockstar Connect series of networking events. His theory, which he has shown to be quite successful, is that if people did a consistent networking event every month, they would never have to do any other form of prospecting. This is the power behind Rockstar Connect events which focus around an event host who is featured through social media pushes. By building an event designed to provide attendees with what they need to be successful, the host earns their gratitude and their connections. Many times a person who was never at the event is inspired by an attendee to connect and do business with the host.

The interview concludes with a discussion on the continued importance of connections and networking during the current Covid-19 era and beyond. Kamatoy points out the challenges of the new generation placing an inordinate emphasis on social media connections in contrast to tried-and-true methods such as phone calls. “That’s something we need to reinforce again, that it’s so strongly about relationships first.”

David Kamatoy is a multi-creative entrepreneur – a juggler both literally and figuratively. His mission is to support and inspire like-minded multi-creatives in taking their projects to the next level. With a background in entrepreneurship and entertainment, he has produced hundreds of nationally syndicated Radio and TV episodes. He works in media and business development for clients via KamatoyMedia Group and is co-founder of, a CRM, Email Marketing Web Platform. Juggle your business with

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