Do You Know What Workout Moves Are Best for Your Body?

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It is hard to go wrong when you are trying to decide which workout moves to do, but there are some that are a bit better than others. You’ve already taken the right first step by deciding to work out, so you are doing well, but some similar exercises have bigger differences than you may think. Knowing how to find the most efficient exercises can help you achieve your desired results much faster than you may be expecting.

So here is a test: Do you think you know which exercise moves are superior to others? Let’s give it a shot.

Which is better for your metabolism, a mountain climber or a squat jack?

If you said “squat jack,” you are right. This move will help increase your metabolism better than mountain climbers. Squat jacks make you open up your hips, which let the exercise target your legs, butt, and abdomen more than a mountain climber.

Which is better for six-pack abs, v-ups or sit-ups?

The answer is v-ups because this move is better at targeting all of the muscles in your core, which will result in more sculpting of your abs and oblique’s.

Are superman’s or renegade rows better at toning your back?

While these are both great moves, when it comes to toning your back, the superman pulls ahead. This is because this move keeps your back engaged for the duration of the entire move, working all of the muscles at the same time. It also helps work your butt and shoulders, so it gives you an extra benefit.

If you want to sculpt your legs and abs at the same time, should you do squat jumps or offset dumbbell lunges?

Both of these workout moves engage every part of your leg, including your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. However, the offset dumbbell lunge is slightly more effective than squat jumps. The offset dumbbell lunge requires your body to make a bit more tension in your muscles than the squat jumps do, which will benefit your lower body more in the long term.

Should you do foot-elevated pushups or decline pushups?

Both of these types of pushups are a great arm workout, but the decline pushup is just a bit better if you want to gain muscle definition and increase your overall strength. This is because you have to engage more upper-body muscles when all of your weight is put onto the lowest point during a decline pushup. When there is more weight on your chest, shoulders, and triceps, you will increase your strength at a faster rate.

In order to sculpt your arms and butt, should you do reverse lunge and curl sliders or dumbbell reverse lunge sliders?

While it is hard to go wrong with either of these moves, you’ll see slightly better results from the reverse lunge and curl sliders. This is because the curl is able to target your biceps without the help of other muscles, which gives them a tougher workout.

Is a lying leg raise or a stability ball knee tuck more effective for sculpting your lower abs?

The stability ball knee tuck is actually a bit more effective than the lying leg raise because it activates the lower abs more and puts less stress on your back muscles.

What about underhand bent-over rows or dumbbell hammer curl to presses for your biceps?

The dumbbell hammer curl to presses wins this one. The hammer curl part of this move is a single joint exercise, but the curl part is only driven by your biceps with no help from other large muscles. The press also works your biceps because they help stabilize your arm while your shoulders and triceps are doing the work.

Are plank knee taps or a sweep plank more effective?

Sweep planks are better at sculpting your oblique’s because your abs are maximally engaged for the duration of the entire exercise without having a break. Additionally, you have to control the weight of your leg from being shifted while it is underneath you.

If you want to tone your butt, should you do a glute bridge with bench or marching Glute Bridge?

The glute bridge on a bench is more effective because the elevation and instability of the bench require your glutes, abs, and quads to work harder to lift up your body.

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