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Whispers and Shouts

Here are the various answers I have recorded over time in response to the question: “What does your inner voice tell you?”

  • Watch out!

It acts as a warning system.
Something in you says, “Pay attention.”

  • This or that?

Intuition is helpful in making decisions. You tune into body messages as you imagine yourself taking first one road and then the other. Leave your job? Stay in your job? Take that trip? Stay home and not go?

Which feels right?

  • Just right.

Intuition guides creativity. When creating something, whether art, song or craft, tune into the intuitive nudges telling you what the next step
might be and when your creation is finished.
You know when it’s right.

  • Yoo hooooooo, hellooooooo!

It alerts you to pay attention. It is notifying you
of a needed change. Time to stop smoking?
End a relationship? Get more focused?

As we connect more with this ancient way of being in our world, we will come home again to our own knowing, relying less on experts and trusting ourselves more.

Sometimes your inner voice whispers.
Sometimes it shouts.
Tune in.

Cath DeStefano, Author, Speaker, Artist
Book excerpt: Vital Signs for Life

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