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Are you thinking what I thought?

With all the pill commercials on television and the pill-filled aisles
at the store, it’s no wonder I had the volume-of-death-from-disease
way out of perspective.

From what we are fed, you would think we are all dying of one disease
or another and quite possibly in the next 30 days. Or, we were bound to get one disease or another. Quite possibly not.

Perspective is our friend once again in this sense: considering the number of humans in our USA, a small portion die in a year from our top diseases. I know. Not sure this is comforting. But, check this out.
First Reaction: I really thought more of us were dying from these diseases every year than are. You too? It works out to just over five percen of our total population.
Second Reaction: Whew. There is a LOT of deep sadness surrounding all these diseases and death. All the tears. All the expense.
My hope is that everyone dealing with something on this list has two good friends, at least, to help them through.
Third Reaction: I wonder how many of these could be helped by taming our Sweet Tooth and our Grease Tooth? Tricky, but transformative.
If you’re healthy and you know it, clap your hands. Amen.

Cath DeStefano, Speaker, Author, Artist


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