San Diegans Participated in Statewide Earthquake Drill

| November 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

At the sound of a bell, a recording came over the loudspeaker telling students the Great California ShakeOut had begun. More than 500 students at Taft Middle School dropped out of their desks and scooted underneath to protect their heads as part of the statewide earthquake drill today.

“More San Diegans participated in the ShakeOut drill this year than in previous years,” said Herman Reddick, San Diego County Office of Emergency Services interim director. “We continue to encourage people to learn more about earthquake preparedness, complete a family disaster plan and create a home emergency kit to help them recover after a major earthquake.”

Across the state, a record 8.6 million people — individuals, families, schools, businesses, government agencies and organizations registered for the Great California ShakeOut. In San Diego County 696,944 pledged to drill this year, according to preliminary figures.

The ShakeOut drill is over this year, but there is still time to learn about disaster preparedness. Family disaster plan templates in various languages are available on

Students from Taft Middle School drop, cover and hold on as part of the Great California Shake Out drill

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