El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

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Renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià is widely considered the best, most innovative and craziest chef in the world. In his kitchen, that which was once familiar disintegrates. Each year his restaurant El Bulli closes for half a year—time for Adrià and his team to retire to his Barcelona cooking laboratory to create the new menu for the coming season.

Filmmaker Gereon Wetzel closely observes their quest—from initial experimentation to the premiere of the finished dish. In the course of that process, however, many an ingredient is examined in a totally new way. Taste and texture are systematically analyzed: by boiling, roasting, frying, steaming—vacuumizing, spherifying, freeze-drying—and then, tasting. Ideas emerge, are discussed and, finally, all the results, whether good or bad, are thoroughly documented—on a laptop beside the cooking spoon. Anything goes—except copying oneself.

An elegant, detailed study of food as avant-garde art, “El Bulli: Cooking In Progress” is a tasty peek at some of the world’s most innovative and exciting cooking; as Adrià himself puts it, “the more bewilderment, the better!”

El Bulli: Cooking In Progress” is 108 minutes long, fully subtitled, Not Rated, and opens for an Exclusive Engagement, January 6, 2012 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema. For information and times, call 619.819.0236, or visit www.landmarkTheatres.com.  Film times and dates are subject to change.

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