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Summer by the Sea

We honor the sea
and those who work to keep it livable
and those who work to coax out its mysteries
and let us in on its secrets.

We honor the great force of the sea
and all those who live in it
and by it.

Our ears hear the sea’s soothing rhythms.
Our eyes look and stretch across its unending surface.
Diamonds of light dance upon it.

The sea is alive beyond our eyes first glance.

Fish are gathered in their schools.
Penguins and dolphins scoot around in play.
Whales glide gracefully along.
Weedy sea dragons have us catch our breath is amazement.
Creatures with colors so brilliant in their beauty.
We awe.

The world of the sea,
We honor you this day.
As we play beside you.
As we celebrate our freedoms at your shores.
Cath DeStefano, Keynote Speaker, Author, Artist

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