Adjectivity, Vocabularity, of our Time

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We really like Thomas Jefferson. He was a smart guy. If you can’t remember anything about him, make sure you see “Hamilton,” once you can afford it. One piece of Jeffersonian wisdom …” the most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do,” is a directive I treasure. But in this stage of Trump, I can’t help … sharing ‘way more than two words: Yet, it’s still a short list. Here they are, the adjectives endlessly voiced, published, repeated, describing the Trumpster:

Graceless; divisive; complete idiot (Rove); misogynist pig (Mallard Fillmore); dangerously incoherent; maintains personal feuds; temperamentally unfit; reprehensible; inflammatory; insulting, belligerent; casually cruel; incoherent; great excommunicator; Humpty Trumpty (David Horsey, LA Times); whiny; thin-skinned bully (Kareen Abdul Jabbar); petty; childish; erratic narcissist; con-man; demigod; abuser; fraud; scam-artist; unfit; hypocrite; unfiltered; whiner; nasty tantrums; and serial non-apologizer.


Bill Maher asked, “…was it something he said?”
It’s not that one can’t find any positives; it’s just that they’re few, far-between. And most issued by those to whom he owes money.

From Germany, a friend writes of Trump’s campaign: “… before now, it had just been funny in a painful way. But now we see it, it’d be like voting for Hitler! This is when the chill hits! We’ve had the experience of a government going totally crazy – the darkest part of our history. Back then, nobody took Hitler seriously!”

Well, I have my own problems. It was Father’s Day, and in the spirit of the family, dads, plus fear of Trump, I looked high and low for T-shirts for the guys that either said, or on which I could write “Dump Trump!” Good ring to it, right? That didn’t work; with a little explanation, I “had” to settle for Nike tees with (at least) the logo in the right spirit: “Just Do It!”

I’m beginning to feel a little cheerier per the latest research – post Orlando – that shows
his numbers falling – at last! But let’s not go celebrating; writer Robert Draper says that Mr. T. is “compulsively superstitious.” He’s been seen, said Draper, tossing a few granules of salt over his left shoulder after eating. This is in the “what the h— do we know?” category of life. The salt trick may be entirely responsible for his luck thus far.

Just think! If Trump becomes our president, every writer in the world will come up with his/her own list or researched – or original – adjectives. Foreigners might not quite understand the descriptions issued by Barry Goldwater’s wife, appalled by the notion that her husband would have approved of the candidate likening himself to the Senator. She seriously, if colorfully, rejected Mr. T with an ardent, “Ugh! Yech!”

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