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July 2016 ART for Human TuneUp Column by Cath (1)Christy Turlington

But we want it now! We want to lose 10 pounds by Friday. We want to rid ourselves of our worst habit by the end of this month.

Why, oh why, does it take so long for what we genuinely want to have happen?
When it’s time, it’s time, and when it isn’t, it isn’t. Try to make something happen when its time has not yet arrived? Tricky.

Call this the “let-go-until-it-happens” approach to life – an approach that is ultimately much easier. It’s all part of not trying to control everything, trusting that “the universe” is listening and working on it.

Oh, sure. Do have some clarity about what you want.

Focus. But then, don’t obsess so.

Recently I read an article about a woman and her sister who were experimenting with their ability (which they weren’t sure they had) to draw things into their lives by simply focusing on them.

For some reason they decided to test their ability to do this by focusing on the supermodel Christy Turlington. It was their test. Bringing Christy Turlington into their lives.

They put a lot of energy into it. Signs on their walls. Pictures of her around. Writing affirmations. No Christy.

Eventually, on with their lives they went. Marrying. Years later moving to New York.

And then came the day when one of the sisters heard someone say, “Hold that elevator, please.” And from around the corner, into the elevator, stepped Christy Turlington.

I’m just saying. Honor the time between what was and what will be.
Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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