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by Cath

A small act of love, you in?

Since it’s love month, I welcome you to my act-of-love Heart Hoppers; they are 2” x 3.5” cards that are my version of spreading love around the world. Six different messages and oh are they magical?! Yes, they are.

(photo of cards)

They’re in 24 countries now and I am most proud of my friend Ellen who took Heart Hoppers with her to Cuba and gifted them all around the island.

I gave a Heart Hopper to a waitress in our neighborhood Italian restaurant and she raved on and on and on about how much she appreciated being appreciated!

Our friend, Don, gave a Heart Hopper to a flight attendant and she nearly followed him off the plane raving how much she liked it and would keep it in her wallet forever.

Another friend gave out seven at once! “Yup! Seven beautiful Navy guys and I just had to…at Mod Pizza. They were on break from Bangor Base in Silverdale…they let me get my iced tea ahead of them…and when I passed out the Heart Hoppers as they sat down, they just beamed! So little means so much!”

I stopped a janitor at Scripps Prebys and thanked her for keeping the hospital clean so people can heal. When I handed her the Heart Hopper she held it to her chest and started crying…

They’re small but mighty and have a large ripple effect.

A small act of love, you in? You too will see how so little means so much.
Heart Hoppers:

Happy love month. Happy all-year-round love.
Cath DeStefano, Author, Speaker, Artist
Human TuneUp Company


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