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No Guaranteesnovember-2016-art-for-human-tuneup-column-by-cath

If we were refrigerators or cars or computers, we would have a guarantee. But no. Here we all are hanging out on this swirling-through-space earth, never really knowing from one day to the next what life will bring.

I admit to wishing we did have at least the following guarantees:

  •  If we’re good, nothing bad will happen.
  • All our families will be safe, healthy and content.
  • We’ll die in our sleep with no pain.

I know. Good luck.

So those will not necessarily be happening, but I am here to report: life works things out.

If only we really understood this: we can leave openings, not have to control everything, and trust the forces around us to work things out.

There really is no need to over-think and over-worry, only to end up wishing we didn’t over-think and over-worry so much in the first place.

Life works things out. Mostly, most of the time.

I’m not saying slothing on the couch all day is going to get you where you want to go, for life does like to be met at least half way.

But I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Life provides solutions. Sometimes even better ones than I could have imagined. You?

No guarantees. But that’s okay.

Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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