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Just Sayin’…

This could have been a very, very long column. I could have included radio and TV commentators; friends, colleagues, family, national, regional, local media, international media: The Economist (unrelentless!).

A Charles M. Blow headline, reads: “Trump, The Worst of America.”

Next month, I’m going back to humor:

Does this definition of a narcissist resonate? From Health Magazine: “… three hallmark signs: an exaggerated sense of self-importance; a need to be constantly admired, and a demonstrable lack of empathy towards others.” They are…”preoccupied with thoughts of being powerful, attractive, famous and smart, even if those thoughts don’t line up with their real accomplishments.”

Newsweek headline: “The nominee’s destructive behavior has victimized cities, businesses, investors, partners and even his own family.”

Max Boot (Los Angeles Times): responding to Trump’s tweet after the firebombing of his campaign office in North Carolina: “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems just firebombed our office because we are winning…

“Trump,” says Mr. Boot, “gives every indication of wanting to burn down America’s political house if he cannot be its leader.”

Los Angeles Times editorial: “If Trump makes that claim (the election is rigged), and a significant number of his supporters believe him, a body blow will have been struck to a foundational principle of democracy: Respect for the outcome of elections even if your candidate isn’t the winner.”

Dalai Lama: Trump is a threat to humanity… he is worse than Hitler …

New York Times: In numerous outraged columns; Paul Krugman …”Worthy of our contempt.”

Charles M. Blow: Mr. Blow’s dictionary must be in shreds by now, as week after week, he takes on Mr. Trump: “ …the logical extension of misogyny, racism and privilege…the man is on a mission to demonstrate to voters the staggering magnitude of his social vulgarity…!” “This fragile narcissist…a sort of bottomless pit of emotional need and affirmation.”

Hello Poetry Website: About 2,000 poems have appeared about Mr. T. One post-debate image conjured up by a two-liner: “Trump dumped on his rump, Hair lumped in a clump.” (OK, I couldn’t resist it …).

New York Times editorial: “It may be too late for the Republican Party to save itself from the rolling disaster of Donald Trump, but the part’s top leaders still have the duty to speak out and help save the country from his reckless rhetoric…they must reject bogus claims of voter fraud …shown again and again to be virtually non-existent…never before has a major party’s presidential candidate openly encouraged this attack on the legitimacy of the electoral process; Mr. Trump does it almost daily” (My note: see Trump tweets!).

President Obama: To Mr. Trump: “Stop Whining!”

The San Diego Union Tribune editorial headline: Donald Trump is Damaging to Democracy. “Republican nominee Donald Trump’s unhinged behavior … will go down in American history as among the most wide-ranging assaults on fundamentals of democracy and civility this nation has seen from a leading politician…”

And, the conclusion: “… A man this vindictive, this devoid of empathy, this certain of his infallibility, would be a menace as commander in chief. … a case can be made that … this is the most ominous election in American political history. We hope it will not prove the most consequential.”

The Washington Post: Eugene Robinson. In column after column, Mr. Robinson simply can’t believe that we – Americans – have permitted Mr. Trump this role on our normally dignified, fact-based, legitimate opposing viewpoints in national elections. Before the third debate, he observed: “Trump lost the first two encounters, according to every scientific poll…and Clinton could have a more meaningful policy discussion with an Irish setter.”

Along with the rest of us, Mr. Robinson pleads: “Make it stop,” he begs: “Won’t somebody, please, make it stop.”


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