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| April 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

Pace Thyself

My writing teacher Ashley was suffering with cancer. We who loved her were barely able to consider the possibility of her not making it.

One day, while her husband Rick went out to run some errands and breathe a bit, I sat with her and, when she asked, I began reading to her.

Shortly into my reading, from one of those ubiquitous “Chicken Soup” books (which I must admit she seemed to find great comfort in), I heard her say, “Read slower.”

Just those two words have been with me ever since. Ashely had the right idea. (Rest her soul.)

Maybe it’s my age now, but I usually don’t rush around as much. You?
When things get too pacey, I remember, “read slower.”

Rushing, rushing, going where?

Cath DeStefano, Author, Keynote Speaker, Artist


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